scratch, scratch, scratch...

okay. i've gotta figure out what the heck I'm allergic to.

before i drive myself insane or rip my skin off. because yes, at the moment those both sound/feel like possible alternatives.

there are hives. there is itching. i look damn silly in addition to feeling like crap. i put on my cute new little twinset tonight before flying out the door to a quickie school thing at the last minute and only when i got in the car with no time to rush back in and change did i realize the sleeves did not come down to the wrists as hoped and needed.

i thought my ears were sunburned from being out in the elements walking 8.5 miles yesterday. now i'm wondering about the allergy. i have an online training to give wednesday night. will i be one big mass of red bubbles by then? it's only getting worse tonight, folks. what a delight.


Today's miles: You think I went out running like this?
Total so far: 189
Still to go for goal: 311

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