On the Road Again!

It's been a good weekend. A really good weekend...

The offer for house went back on the table (thank you!). And after just one slight change involving the date of closing, everyone signed. We close the day before Relay... That will be a golden week, I believe. A very busy golden week.

Today there was an open house. Haven't heard on how things went out there for that, but it was probably okay. The weather, which was supposed to be pretty wet much of the latter part of the week and would have turned the driveway/road to a messy and bumpy disaster in time for this held out for the most part and there was much wind to dry up what did fall a few days ago.

And yesterday? Yesterday Kel got an acceptance letter to the other art school to which she applied and where we toured last week. We finished the tour and she felt like she had been at home as she went through. She really loved the place. It was probably a record time for interview/acceptance. The letter was dated the same day she interviewed. And they told her she'd probably have to wait a couple of weeks to hear. She is a happy girl. I'm pretty sure she will choose that as her first year choice...

She also got her new bedroom pretty much decorated and furnished completely yesterday. Perhaps I'll take photos later. It's cool. She'll take the stuff with her to her new apartment when she heads to school, so I'll have to move the futon back in there when the house closes and my furniture comes in for my room, but that will be fine.

It's been a big weekend! And I started moving on the 500 miles again. (I know, I know - it's about time.) Gotta start slow after such a long time off, but I'll build up quickly because Relay isn't far away. Tonight I'm printing off my fundraising letters so I can get them out in this week's mail.

I've offered to help out with another Relay's online fundraising, too. (Not a big task, just some minor stuff...) and I need to get an email out to them early tomorrow. Tomorrow night I'm heading up to a meeting so I can meet their committee. Our own Relay has Roundtable coming up in just a bit and our team needs to have a meeting!!!

Phew. Smooches to all. Life is happening fast. Don't let it pass you by. Stop and have a look around. Enjoy it. Had brunch with everyone in my family yesterday. The whole entire kit and kaboodle. Lovely neices and nephews. Parents and sibs. Even had family photo opportunity. Hope to post that soon.

Weekend's miles: 5
Total so far: 141.5
Still to go for goal: 358.5

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