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Have you been out to my team's RFL website lately? If you haven't, you should go have a peek. There are a few different photos out there, and our team total has grown a bit. There are now thirty teams registered online. THIRTY! That's a huge number! And just looking at the online donations only, not counting the checks and cash that people have entered on their various pages, Hudson is already up over $7,000! That's a big jump from the beginning of the month and even from the past week.

I'm thrilled to see that number growing because as the Online Chair, I was asked to set the goal for the community. Last year Hudson raised just over $14,000 online. I didn't want to set the bar too low and say $15,000. (Even the neighboring small town where Kel goes to school managed to raise $12,000 online this year.) So I went out on a limb and made it $20,000. Well, now I'm starting to sweat it a little bit because of all of the statistics I'm hearing that people aren't giving as much this year because they've just been asked to give too much and in too many directions.

I want to see those naysayers proven wrong and beat that $20k goal. Not because I set it and I don't want to fail (although there is a tiny little part of me feeling that way, of course), but because there are far too many people close to me receiving that damn cancer diagnosis. It's been a tough year since the last Relay. There have been a few more recurrences. There have been a few scares. There have been a few more difficult deaths. There have been a lot more diagnoses.

But, at the same time, ACS has been working hard on a lot of different fronts and had a lot of things going on to help. In addition to pumping nearly $3 billion into cancer research, they are focusing on cancer survivorship and quality of life with their Reach to Recovery and I Can Cope and Cancer Survivors Network programs. The online website that ACS provides has a huge wealth of information about everything related to cancer and treatment. There is the Navigator program which I have written about on here before. I could go on and on.

I will not stop my efforts. No matter how disappointing the numbers may get with a downswing in the economy. As I said, I'd prefer to keep fighting and prove the number crunchers wrong. I think we will make that $20k goal. Won't you help us?

I power-walked today for Mr. Luedtke. I have a hard time calling him "Jim" because he was always Mr. Luedtke to me. He worked at the high school in the guidance office when I was a teen and that is where and how I still picture him. Then after I was married and had this wee tiny little baby, I worked with his wife at the bank in town for a short time before moving back to Colorado. She was one of the very best people (and most fun!) to work with. I had the chance to chat with her just the other day when I was at the bank to talk with our new team sponsors and that's when I learned of the type of cancer that had taken Mr. L.

Today's inspiration: In memory of Mr. Luedtke, who was diagnosed with melanoma and was gone only a few months later.
Today's miles: 3
Total so far: 196.4
Still to go for goal: 303.6

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