No More Excuses...

(Written Saturday afternoon - posted ??? I have no internet connection so time will tell...)

Sorry for the very long pause between posts. It's been a busy couple of weeks around here.

First things first. Keli is feeling much better. Okay, much is an overstatement of facts. She's feeling somewhat better. She has a lot of stress in her life and at 18 (yes, she's had a big birthday since I was last here!), she's handling it all about as well as can be expected. Tuesday she goes back in for more poking of needles. Not at all a favorite thing of hers. They will recheck some of the last things that were checked and they will test for lymes and mono. Obviously the internist didn't think mono was one of the big possibilities or I'd think she would have ordered that test to be done last week when we were there. During the appointment a slight heart murmur may have been heard and after the results of all of the blood work come back, Keli may choose to have that investigated further. It is up to her, my now adult child. *sigh* There are also some breathing tests that could be done as asthma is another possibility to look into. Again, totally up to her.

Tonight is the final night of the interactive dinner theater at the high school for which Kel is the stage manager and lighting guru. I can't wait to see it. There is a cast of five? Maybe six? She came home after it's opening last night quite pleased with how things went. So I'm really happy for her.

Addendum Sunday morning - The play was fabulous. I was even drawn in at one point when Bren (if you are a long time reader you'll remember this name) who was one of the actors and a true star of the show (he really is a fantastic actor if I've never mentioned this before), pulled me up to dance with him at one point. Have I mentioned how much I hate being the center of attention?

Yesterday (Friday) was her final day of AP Lit and Comp. :( It has been, from what I can tell, one of her (if not the) all-time favorite classes. Her teacher was absolutely lovely during difficult times and just all around. And the discussions that took place among the students have brought them to a close place. Going to school Monday knowing that they will not be together will be difficult for her, I believe.

Excitement abounded for other reasons besides the opening of the play last night. It was the eve of the first showing of our house. We had a call from our agent and he had good news. After two hours spent there, the first people to look at the place were making a full-price offer. Unfortunately, they changed their minds when allowed to sleep on it. It does mean that it's priced right to move quickly if the right people come along, though. We remain optimistic.

Last Tuesday night was the second kick-off of our Relay and it was really well attended. It makes me very hopeful that we'll have a big event this year! Now that the house is ready for showings for the most part, (thank you so much dad and anonybro and mom and mystical for your help out there this past week! I have to get photos of Kel's room so I can add them to the photos on the web!) I can concentrate a little more on my Online Fundraising jobs (sorry boss-man J!) and a little more on my 500-mile run! I have some serious miles to do by Father's Day weekend... And I need to get a lot done before Keli graduates, too!

As for the title of this post, I have something to say to a certain Mystical Marge... NO MORE EXCUSES. You have a phone call to make. And anyone else who may have put off a doctor appointment or two because you may be too busy or just don't want to face that particular kind of yucky appointment, get thee to a telephone and just do it. Regular check ups are just good preventative medicine. I love you, Marge. You are my dear friend. Please make that call today. You know I need you in my life. We have many trips to our favorite Badlands haunts to make. We have rocks to hunt. Go see your doc. I'll do what I need to do if you will. :)

That goes for the rest of you who are delaying things, too. Smooches to you all. And I'll stop using my lack of internet connection excuse for the lack of posts. I even called the phone company and got that ordered. Monday I should have a phone. Isn't that exciting?

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