Most likely cause?

according to the pharmicist I spoke with this evening whose wife is suffering the exact same malady at the moment... sun sensitivity due to some med I'm on. Makes sense after the long sunny hike on Sunday. Must remember sunscreen after this! And lots of water.

Today's inspiration: Pam H, a school mate and former date (according to a little bird) of anonybro's. I wouldn't remember this being so much younger than he is. She is suffering a recurrence of the cancer beast.
Today's miles: 4.4 along a brand new beautiful route
Total so far: 193.4
Still to go for goal: 306.6

When I arrived home I pulled out the Aveeno and poured myself a soothing (well, not really, but I pretended) oatmeal bath. I'm now sitting here pretending it doesn't itch anymore.

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