For Bryan... prom... oh da boin...

Posting a couple of photos today from yesterday's big pre-prom dinner photo shoot. To see a few others, head over here.

Seniors againThese are the seniors in the group.

Alex and Keli againAnd this is Keli with her friend Alex.

The whole group...And finally, the whole group that went to dinner together.

And thought I'd update my mileage again. Since I actually have some to report. Finally. Today's high number resulted from the grand idea of doing some power walking downtown to run an errand. In my favorite Keen sandals. Sans socks. Which is how I always wear them. Just not usually on a long-distance power walk. Although, I did some of that in NM with no problem but that was after wearing them all summer and toughening up my feet, I guess.

I'm already feeling this one. Which is surprising. I don't usually feel an over-extended workout until about 36 hours later. It outta feel great climbing out of my bed on the floor tomorrow! ;) Obviously I have much more work to do to get in shape. I've gotten old and soft. We were talking about this at the outing with high school chums for lunch yesterday. Now that we've reached that certain age (I'm not certain which certain age it really was - was it at 30? 35? 40?), it takes us a lot longer to recover from sports-related injuries, surgery, and just general muscle taxation.

Oh, all except for my buddy Bill (affectionately known to me as Sir William, King of Farkel). He had knee replacement last Wednesday. They booted him out of the hospital on Friday. I saw him in the Land of Three Hats this afternoon looking none the worse for wear. And I'm trying and trying to think of what he had with him for walking assistance... was there a pair of crutches beside him? I do not think so. I believe there was only a simple cane there. Sir William! Do you only need a cane??? If you're reading, (and I don't think you are, unfortunately... you OR your cohort in Farkel, who wouldn't comment for me anyway...) please comment and let me know! Is this possible? Knee replacement and up and around with a cane only on day 4? I'm so amazed.

This will be a very busy week for me with Relay stuff and attempts at continued building up of leg muscles and stamina. I hope you'll stop by and entertain me with your comments all the same. Smooches to all of you.

Oh gosh, and I must must MUST remember to write about sweet little Piper and the visit I had with her Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa last night, too... next time perhaps. *sigh* I have got to sleep tonight. I totally missed chatting with my Divas this morning because I didn't sleep last night (I never go to bed when Keli is out for the night for some reason. What will I do when she moves out for good??? Will I ever sleep?). This means I had a horrible headache when I woke up before their chat time and then I had to take something for it and go back to sleep. Good news was that the headache finally went away on the 8.5 mile hike. Which was amazing.

Okay. Picture placement and then bedtime.

Today's inspiration: Our new team sponsor Bryan, a seventeen-year survivor and his wife's family. She has lost two sisters to cancer.
Today's miles: 8.5 (no wonder I have blisters! I was in sandals!)
Total so far: 189
Still to go for goal: 311

Saturday's miles: 5
Total so far: 184
Still to go for goal: 316

Friday's miles: 3
Total so far: 179
Still to go for goal: 321

Thursday's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 176
Still to go for goal: 324

In my head Light Years Away By Mozella

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