For Anne M...

Running this morning was cold and clammy and nasty and pushing the limits of what I want to be doing. We stepped out the door in shorts and t-shirts and turned right back around and went inside to rethink what the heck we were doing out there in weather like that. I went back into my closet and pulled down the really nice track suit I got from Relay last year and pulled it on over my other clothes. Yep. This was going to be warm enough. I was probably now going to be sweating within a block and really sorry I wore so much, but I wasn't going to freeze and be in pain immediately.

I lost my running partner who didn't have the nice warm duds to face the wind and rain. I plugged my ears with my iPod, turned on the new playlist I created last night of music for moving, snapped my phone to my waistband and set out again, thinking I had to be nuts. But I also thought if things were just too blasted cold, I'd swing in to the coffee shop and warm up with a latte as a reward for trying. :)

I could not believe the winds as I rounded the first corner on the warm-up walk. I haven't faced weather like this in months. Usually I'm on the treadmill during inclement stuff. But I don't have it at the new place yet, and I'm determined to keep the mileage moving forward. I was literally pushing into the wind with everything I had. The track suit was acting like a sail trying to pull me backward. I felt ridiculous being out there on Easter morning. There wasn't a soul on the street with me. *sigh* At least the music was rockin'!

As I rounded the next bend it hit me... Easter. The coffee shop probably wasn't even open. :( I decided to forgo heading that direction and went instead to the nearby abandoned race track where I could utilize the empty parking lot to do some running and not worry about dealing with traffic at all. I passed the barriers and keep out signs and watched my footing around the various tufts of grass and small trees growing out of the cracks in the pavement leading into the parking area. I did some stretching as the rain slowed to a gentle mist and took off jogging, plotting my route as I went.

I've never run over here before or even been over in this area and didn't know what to expect at all, so I took my time circling the lot. I knew there were potential things to watch out for like broken glass and more grass and plants growing so I kept my eyes down in front of me. Also, I had seen a lot of people over here running their dogs, so the potential for animal matter was high, as well.

I circled the whole lot but my thoughts kept returning to the idea of a latte. What would it hurt to check and see if they were open by chance? So when I hit that side of the lot again, I kept going and headed through the housing development all of the way to the far side. I did an extra loop of one street where there are some townhomes for rent that I like the look of and swung right toward the coffee shop.

As I reached the corner I could see cars in the parking lot and the neon signs lit. I pushed the button to gain a walk sign on the traffic light and waited patiently while my music pulsed on... When it was time, I ran across and headed up the hill, watching for the opportunity to cross back over to the right side for my latte and jogged over. By now the rain had completely stopped and the inside of the coffee shop was almost too hot to bear. But the apple juice and the latte that I had to drink while there were divine.

It was nearly impossible to then go back out into the cold and return home. I still had a cup full of latte which I sipped as I walked very fast rather than trying to run... I wanted to call someone to come rescue me for the return journey. Muscles were tightening up quickly.

This one was short but hard fought.

Today's inspiration: Anne M, who passed away last week after a very long battle.
Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 169
Still to go for goal: 331

Speaking of great music, my great blog buddy Michael Manning, who you may remember did me the honor of interviewing me last November about this blog and how it all got started and the cause, etc. Well, recently he had the opportunity to interview David M. Bailey. You may have seen me mention him here before, or his music. I've posted some of his lyrics here, even a photo that we had from a concert we attended. Anyway, the interview is up right now on Michael's blog. Go read it. It's more great stuff from another Brain Tumor Warrior who has truly learned to live strong. If you get a chance, check out some of David's music. It is beautiful. Even better, go see him live. Chat with him after the show. You won't be sorry.

dmb Stand UpStill in my head: Hunger for the Great Light
from Stand Up
By Dave Matthews Band
Release date: May 2005

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