A Call to Arts...

It was a week that began and ended with the arts... Just the way we like it. Keli and her art teachersMonday came fast and furious and sprang upon us suddenly with a sudden invite for da kid to a Kiwanis Fine Arts banquet where she received the one and only certificate of merit in Art. :) Yeah Keli! Here she is with the rest of the kids from RF who received awards in other areas (newspaper, drama, yearbook, forensics, choral music, band).The distinguished students

This weekend the week ended with first a pops concert performed by all of the various bands from her school and she helped the Community Arts Base with their big Gala event here in town, also. Then today was the closing Artists' Reception at the Phipps Gallery in Hudson where various artists from all of the high schools around were showing their artwork. Ribbons were awarded some of the students and one lucky young man received a scholarship, as well. So I joked with Keli that I was going to dress like a true art snob (all in black - which I did) and bring my camera to take her photo in her first gallery showing (which it wasn't, but I totally missed her very first gallery showing at the University) with her artwork, which she hated but she made Kelsey stand with her for it which was better (good thing Kelsey was there or it totally wouldn't have happened at all) and G-pa had his camera and took her photo too, so it wasn't just me. Keli's piece

You can find more photos at Flickr. (Unfortunately, my camera batteries were dead at the pops concert, so I'm hoping some kind soul comes up with something for me from one of the nights there!)

Thank goodness we had great things to see and do this weekend, though. Because the weather was for crap. Boo hiss I hate this rainy cloudy cold windy stuff. :( Come back sunshine! I miss you!

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