Busy, Busy, BUSY!

Whew. This is what we've been working on for the past week. This room has changed a little bit. (That's an understatement... even the room's previous occupant exclaimed when she saw the photos tonight.) And I put some finishing touches in here tonight. I think everything has come together really nicely. I could do something every day and still not feel completely finished, I'm sure. But I do have other things to accomplish. Many other things.

I was admiring the clean windows this afternoon when I was there - we hired a service to come and clean them. Some of the really tall ones have never been cleaned in the nine years we've been there. We've power sprayed them and attempted to get them, but they've never really been clean. They look incredible right now. Very cool.

Tomorrow there are appointments to keep. Blood work to be done. Emails to send regarding Relay. Letters to write, also regarding Relay. And perhaps a team meeting to start pulling together. Round Table is coming up. Methinks a team meeting is in order! I cannot believe how fast this year is slipping past.

Now? Now I have some dinner dishes to clean up. And then I have to get to bed. Why didn't my internet provider get back to me about DSL today? I need to get things moving faster so that I can get MORE done during a day!

Thanks for hanging with me during my outtage. And for all of the concerned comments and emails. Glad you stopped short of flying up here from Texas, Mark. ;-) Next time just call. heh. You've got that cute pooch to take care of, after all.

Hope those of you who have put off taking care of any health issues or putting off any check ups and physicals are now making appointments and getting things taken care of. These are the days of No More Excuses. It's a good mantra. Say it with me now... No More Excuses. Good. Now make that call. Because those annual checkups are just good preventative medicine. Right Marge? Right Marge? ;-)

Okay. I'm off to do my work. I want to get to sleep soon. Just one more thing before I go...

new house!

Mystical took this picture when she stopped over the other morning before we went for writing practice at coffee... some of my buds wanted to see a picture of the new place. So here it is. The first photo...

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