A Call to Arts...

It was a week that began and ended with the arts... Just the way we like it. Keli and her art teachersMonday came fast and furious and sprang upon us suddenly with a sudden invite for da kid to a Kiwanis Fine Arts banquet where she received the one and only certificate of merit in Art. :) Yeah Keli! Here she is with the rest of the kids from RF who received awards in other areas (newspaper, drama, yearbook, forensics, choral music, band).The distinguished students

This weekend the week ended with first a pops concert performed by all of the various bands from her school and she helped the Community Arts Base with their big Gala event here in town, also. Then today was the closing Artists' Reception at the Phipps Gallery in Hudson where various artists from all of the high schools around were showing their artwork. Ribbons were awarded some of the students and one lucky young man received a scholarship, as well. So I joked with Keli that I was going to dress like a true art snob (all in black - which I did) and bring my camera to take her photo in her first gallery showing (which it wasn't, but I totally missed her very first gallery showing at the University) with her artwork, which she hated but she made Kelsey stand with her for it which was better (good thing Kelsey was there or it totally wouldn't have happened at all) and G-pa had his camera and took her photo too, so it wasn't just me. Keli's piece

You can find more photos at Flickr. (Unfortunately, my camera batteries were dead at the pops concert, so I'm hoping some kind soul comes up with something for me from one of the nights there!)

Thank goodness we had great things to see and do this weekend, though. Because the weather was for crap. Boo hiss I hate this rainy cloudy cold windy stuff. :( Come back sunshine! I miss you!



Cursing Mama hopped on the bandwagon with me this morning. I betcha Michael Manning is in the process of doing the same thing as I type this. If everybody who reads our blogs would do the same, send their emails and then post about it on their blogs and get all their readers to do the same, just imagine the noise we'd be (silently) making in the halls of the Senate about this Bill.

Make those keyboards smoke people!!!

Take action, please!

My email went out at 7 this morning. How about yours?

Go here to contact your own Senators. It takes two minutes.



Dear Keri ,

The U.S. Senate is about to eliminate guaranteed insurance coverage for mammograms and other vital cancer screenings.

As an advocacy volunteer, your help is needed to stop them. Imagine getting your mammogram or colonoscopy and then being told your insurance company refuses to cover it.

Email your senators right now. It only takes two minutes. Please do it now since the vote could happen at any time.

The bill your senators will vote on is S. 1955. If passed, insurance companies would no longer have to cover mammograms and other life-saving cancer screenings.

Insurance coverage for all of these cancer screenings and more are at risk of being lost: Mammograms - Colonoscopies - Pam smears - Prostate cancer screenings - Clinical trial participation - Off-label drug use - And more ...

Call Your Senator at 888-NOW-I-CAN

or Email Your Senators

Tell them to SAVE MAMMOGRAMS and OPPOSE S.1955

Your senators need to hear from you - their constituent - that this bill is unacceptable.

Senators really are influenced by what they hear from their constituents. If they don't hear from you, they will assume that you just don't care. We know this is not the case. That is why we ask you to select this link to email them right now.

It is time for Congress to take another step toward preventing cancer and increasing the chance of survivorship for cancer patients. Let your senator know that guaranteed insurance coverage for mammograms and other cancer screenings is an important issue to you and the cancer community.

Email them right now and tell them to oppose S. 1955.

After you send your email, visit our Save Mammograms campaign page to learn more about this campaign and what else you can do to help save mammograms and other cancer screenings.

No more itch discussions...

Have you been out to my team's RFL website lately? If you haven't, you should go have a peek. There are a few different photos out there, and our team total has grown a bit. There are now thirty teams registered online. THIRTY! That's a huge number! And just looking at the online donations only, not counting the checks and cash that people have entered on their various pages, Hudson is already up over $7,000! That's a big jump from the beginning of the month and even from the past week.

I'm thrilled to see that number growing because as the Online Chair, I was asked to set the goal for the community. Last year Hudson raised just over $14,000 online. I didn't want to set the bar too low and say $15,000. (Even the neighboring small town where Kel goes to school managed to raise $12,000 online this year.) So I went out on a limb and made it $20,000. Well, now I'm starting to sweat it a little bit because of all of the statistics I'm hearing that people aren't giving as much this year because they've just been asked to give too much and in too many directions.

I want to see those naysayers proven wrong and beat that $20k goal. Not because I set it and I don't want to fail (although there is a tiny little part of me feeling that way, of course), but because there are far too many people close to me receiving that damn cancer diagnosis. It's been a tough year since the last Relay. There have been a few more recurrences. There have been a few scares. There have been a few more difficult deaths. There have been a lot more diagnoses.

But, at the same time, ACS has been working hard on a lot of different fronts and had a lot of things going on to help. In addition to pumping nearly $3 billion into cancer research, they are focusing on cancer survivorship and quality of life with their Reach to Recovery and I Can Cope and Cancer Survivors Network programs. The online website that ACS provides has a huge wealth of information about everything related to cancer and treatment. There is the Navigator program which I have written about on here before. I could go on and on.

I will not stop my efforts. No matter how disappointing the numbers may get with a downswing in the economy. As I said, I'd prefer to keep fighting and prove the number crunchers wrong. I think we will make that $20k goal. Won't you help us?

I power-walked today for Mr. Luedtke. I have a hard time calling him "Jim" because he was always Mr. Luedtke to me. He worked at the high school in the guidance office when I was a teen and that is where and how I still picture him. Then after I was married and had this wee tiny little baby, I worked with his wife at the bank in town for a short time before moving back to Colorado. She was one of the very best people (and most fun!) to work with. I had the chance to chat with her just the other day when I was at the bank to talk with our new team sponsors and that's when I learned of the type of cancer that had taken Mr. L.

Today's inspiration: In memory of Mr. Luedtke, who was diagnosed with melanoma and was gone only a few months later.
Today's miles: 3
Total so far: 196.4
Still to go for goal: 303.6


Most likely cause?

according to the pharmicist I spoke with this evening whose wife is suffering the exact same malady at the moment... sun sensitivity due to some med I'm on. Makes sense after the long sunny hike on Sunday. Must remember sunscreen after this! And lots of water.

Today's inspiration: Pam H, a school mate and former date (according to a little bird) of anonybro's. I wouldn't remember this being so much younger than he is. She is suffering a recurrence of the cancer beast.
Today's miles: 4.4 along a brand new beautiful route
Total so far: 193.4
Still to go for goal: 306.6

When I arrived home I pulled out the Aveeno and poured myself a soothing (well, not really, but I pretended) oatmeal bath. I'm now sitting here pretending it doesn't itch anymore.


Oh great. Now my eyes itch. Couldn't we have delayed this whole thing for oh, say another couple of months?


scratch, scratch, scratch...

okay. i've gotta figure out what the heck I'm allergic to.

before i drive myself insane or rip my skin off. because yes, at the moment those both sound/feel like possible alternatives.

there are hives. there is itching. i look damn silly in addition to feeling like crap. i put on my cute new little twinset tonight before flying out the door to a quickie school thing at the last minute and only when i got in the car with no time to rush back in and change did i realize the sleeves did not come down to the wrists as hoped and needed.

i thought my ears were sunburned from being out in the elements walking 8.5 miles yesterday. now i'm wondering about the allergy. i have an online training to give wednesday night. will i be one big mass of red bubbles by then? it's only getting worse tonight, folks. what a delight.


Today's miles: You think I went out running like this?
Total so far: 189
Still to go for goal: 311

Oh all right... just one more.

As long as I have a family photo from a couple of weeks ago, I'm going to get it out here for the amusement entertainment enjoyment of relatives near and far who are reading along.

family photo time 2006


For Bryan... prom... oh da boin...

Posting a couple of photos today from yesterday's big pre-prom dinner photo shoot. To see a few others, head over here.

Seniors againThese are the seniors in the group.

Alex and Keli againAnd this is Keli with her friend Alex.

The whole group...And finally, the whole group that went to dinner together.

And thought I'd update my mileage again. Since I actually have some to report. Finally. Today's high number resulted from the grand idea of doing some power walking downtown to run an errand. In my favorite Keen sandals. Sans socks. Which is how I always wear them. Just not usually on a long-distance power walk. Although, I did some of that in NM with no problem but that was after wearing them all summer and toughening up my feet, I guess.

I'm already feeling this one. Which is surprising. I don't usually feel an over-extended workout until about 36 hours later. It outta feel great climbing out of my bed on the floor tomorrow! ;) Obviously I have much more work to do to get in shape. I've gotten old and soft. We were talking about this at the outing with high school chums for lunch yesterday. Now that we've reached that certain age (I'm not certain which certain age it really was - was it at 30? 35? 40?), it takes us a lot longer to recover from sports-related injuries, surgery, and just general muscle taxation.

Oh, all except for my buddy Bill (affectionately known to me as Sir William, King of Farkel). He had knee replacement last Wednesday. They booted him out of the hospital on Friday. I saw him in the Land of Three Hats this afternoon looking none the worse for wear. And I'm trying and trying to think of what he had with him for walking assistance... was there a pair of crutches beside him? I do not think so. I believe there was only a simple cane there. Sir William! Do you only need a cane??? If you're reading, (and I don't think you are, unfortunately... you OR your cohort in Farkel, who wouldn't comment for me anyway...) please comment and let me know! Is this possible? Knee replacement and up and around with a cane only on day 4? I'm so amazed.

This will be a very busy week for me with Relay stuff and attempts at continued building up of leg muscles and stamina. I hope you'll stop by and entertain me with your comments all the same. Smooches to all of you.

Oh gosh, and I must must MUST remember to write about sweet little Piper and the visit I had with her Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa last night, too... next time perhaps. *sigh* I have got to sleep tonight. I totally missed chatting with my Divas this morning because I didn't sleep last night (I never go to bed when Keli is out for the night for some reason. What will I do when she moves out for good??? Will I ever sleep?). This means I had a horrible headache when I woke up before their chat time and then I had to take something for it and go back to sleep. Good news was that the headache finally went away on the 8.5 mile hike. Which was amazing.

Okay. Picture placement and then bedtime.

Today's inspiration: Our new team sponsor Bryan, a seventeen-year survivor and his wife's family. She has lost two sisters to cancer.
Today's miles: 8.5 (no wonder I have blisters! I was in sandals!)
Total so far: 189
Still to go for goal: 311

Saturday's miles: 5
Total so far: 184
Still to go for goal: 316

Friday's miles: 3
Total so far: 179
Still to go for goal: 321

Thursday's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 176
Still to go for goal: 324

In my head Light Years Away By Mozella


It is finished...

Nearly finished Capote...

This, however, is not the finished product. This is only the nearly finished product. I did not get to see him finished until I went to the school and saw him hanging on the wall, already framed! She took him to the school to finish all of the area around him in the background and his clothing because she wanted to use charcoal rather than pencil. *harumph*


Fun with photos/food...

Clever name for fun snack food, or marketing disaster?

You make the call...

Oh yeah. It's finger food alright.

Huh? Stay out of the kitchen? Me?


Do you know... it is impossible for me to sleep in? The world conspires against me. I have tried twice since Keli started school this year. Both times because I was a dumba$$ and stayed up most of the night before.

I think the world is trying to tell me not to be a dumba$$ anymore. There is a lesson in there somewhere anyway.

woooooooo yeahhh!

I got me some DSL now baybeeee... things around here are screaming fast. (well, everything except Mark's weather-girl videos.)

You may not be able to shut. me. up.

Pretty soon you are all going to wish somebody would just close down blogger and make the party go home. ;-)

I am so far behind on things right now. I have a load of stuff to catch up on and while yes, I've been neglectful in my posting and my running and my posting about my running I have a lot of other stuff that are way higher priority to do, so I'll be back later. Yes. Yes, I will... Smooches.

Wednesday's miles: what? What did you say? Zero again?
Total so far: 172.5*sigh*
STILL to go for goal: 327.5

Tuesday's miles: can anybody say ZEEEERO?
Total so far: 172.5
Still to go for goal: 327.5

In my head: Velvet Snow by Kings of Leon


For Mike G... Monday night - Post initial team meeting...

Team Brain Trust met up for the first time in the 2006 Relay Season this evening. We were a few people short as there were some working, one just returning from a family trip for Easter break, some not feeling well enough to attend and so on. It was a pretty decent turn-out, however. We had a few laughs, voted on a campsite (same general area as the last couple of years so we can still have a fire), passed around for signing a thank you card for our new team sponsors (thank you, Investment Centers of America!!! Bryan, Jim, Randy and Chris - you guys rock!), and handed out Truhler's Team orange awareness wrist bands to everyone. These are being sold as a fund-raiser for the 9-year old I mentioned a couple of days ago with the inoperable brain tumor. I also got the addy of his caring bridge site so everyone can visit him online and perhaps leave him a joke or smile in the guest book and maybe help out with his medical expenses (his folks have to pay 20% of everything with their 80/20 policy). If you are interested in the latter and don't find an addy at the site, email me and I can hook you up. Smooches. If you live in our area, there are some fundraisers going on over the next couple of weeks. Contact me if you want to know more about them.

I forgot completely to let the team know about the honorary chairs that were chosen at the last meeting. One of them is little Katie who is now in remission. Visit her site. Say hello on her guest book. Give her a hug. The other is the mom of a 2005 committee member that worked on registration with me last year. Her mom is currently cancer-free, as well.

There is a lot happening within the dynamics of the team this year. Moves and house sales, graduations and weddings and who knows what all? It's going to be difficult to stay focused and keep everything moving forward toward June 16th and meet our very agressive goal. But I know that if you all pitch in, we can do it. Because every one of you wants to stop this thing. You all know people and love people who have been impacted by cancer. I know that with enough time, the researchers are going to find the cure. They've come so far already.

I did have a slight bit of frustration today with my brand new dsl modem and such. It isn't working yet. I'm still dialing in because I haven't gotten the other stuff moving along at the speed of light. No clue what the problem is. I guess I'll have to call the provider tomorrow and ask them what I'm doing wrong. *sigh* I wanted to be posting with lightening speed by now. No such luck.

Today's brief bit of movement toward the coffee (the coffee!!!) was for Mike G. The latest Brain Tumor Warrior in our neck of the woods. Or rather, the latest I've heard about. Another brain stem tumor that I hear is inoperable. Prayers go out to this wonderfully kind man that I remember best from my high school days when he was always around with the coffee pot on Sunday mornings at the local eatery.

Today's inspiration: Mike who always had a coffee pot in his hand as he wandered the local eatery on Sunday mornings with a smile on his face and a story to tell.
Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 172.5
Still to go for goal: 327.5

And now it is off to bed for me. I have a date with a shovel in the morning. G'night all.


For Anne M...

Running this morning was cold and clammy and nasty and pushing the limits of what I want to be doing. We stepped out the door in shorts and t-shirts and turned right back around and went inside to rethink what the heck we were doing out there in weather like that. I went back into my closet and pulled down the really nice track suit I got from Relay last year and pulled it on over my other clothes. Yep. This was going to be warm enough. I was probably now going to be sweating within a block and really sorry I wore so much, but I wasn't going to freeze and be in pain immediately.

I lost my running partner who didn't have the nice warm duds to face the wind and rain. I plugged my ears with my iPod, turned on the new playlist I created last night of music for moving, snapped my phone to my waistband and set out again, thinking I had to be nuts. But I also thought if things were just too blasted cold, I'd swing in to the coffee shop and warm up with a latte as a reward for trying. :)

I could not believe the winds as I rounded the first corner on the warm-up walk. I haven't faced weather like this in months. Usually I'm on the treadmill during inclement stuff. But I don't have it at the new place yet, and I'm determined to keep the mileage moving forward. I was literally pushing into the wind with everything I had. The track suit was acting like a sail trying to pull me backward. I felt ridiculous being out there on Easter morning. There wasn't a soul on the street with me. *sigh* At least the music was rockin'!

As I rounded the next bend it hit me... Easter. The coffee shop probably wasn't even open. :( I decided to forgo heading that direction and went instead to the nearby abandoned race track where I could utilize the empty parking lot to do some running and not worry about dealing with traffic at all. I passed the barriers and keep out signs and watched my footing around the various tufts of grass and small trees growing out of the cracks in the pavement leading into the parking area. I did some stretching as the rain slowed to a gentle mist and took off jogging, plotting my route as I went.

I've never run over here before or even been over in this area and didn't know what to expect at all, so I took my time circling the lot. I knew there were potential things to watch out for like broken glass and more grass and plants growing so I kept my eyes down in front of me. Also, I had seen a lot of people over here running their dogs, so the potential for animal matter was high, as well.

I circled the whole lot but my thoughts kept returning to the idea of a latte. What would it hurt to check and see if they were open by chance? So when I hit that side of the lot again, I kept going and headed through the housing development all of the way to the far side. I did an extra loop of one street where there are some townhomes for rent that I like the look of and swung right toward the coffee shop.

As I reached the corner I could see cars in the parking lot and the neon signs lit. I pushed the button to gain a walk sign on the traffic light and waited patiently while my music pulsed on... When it was time, I ran across and headed up the hill, watching for the opportunity to cross back over to the right side for my latte and jogged over. By now the rain had completely stopped and the inside of the coffee shop was almost too hot to bear. But the apple juice and the latte that I had to drink while there were divine.

It was nearly impossible to then go back out into the cold and return home. I still had a cup full of latte which I sipped as I walked very fast rather than trying to run... I wanted to call someone to come rescue me for the return journey. Muscles were tightening up quickly.

This one was short but hard fought.

Today's inspiration: Anne M, who passed away last week after a very long battle.
Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 169
Still to go for goal: 331

Speaking of great music, my great blog buddy Michael Manning, who you may remember did me the honor of interviewing me last November about this blog and how it all got started and the cause, etc. Well, recently he had the opportunity to interview David M. Bailey. You may have seen me mention him here before, or his music. I've posted some of his lyrics here, even a photo that we had from a concert we attended. Anyway, the interview is up right now on Michael's blog. Go read it. It's more great stuff from another Brain Tumor Warrior who has truly learned to live strong. If you get a chance, check out some of David's music. It is beautiful. Even better, go see him live. Chat with him after the show. You won't be sorry.

dmb Stand UpStill in my head: Hunger for the Great Light
from Stand Up
By Dave Matthews Band
Release date: May 2005


A new look...

Tired of the gray I decided it was time for a new look. :) We'll see how long it lasts. The last one stuck for quite a while. I suppose because I'm going along with my theme or something.

Things are moving along. On many fronts. The house has been inspected. And now things have to be decided there. It was a long afternoon. I was in the throes of a migraine and having the inspector crawling around didn't help much. He was there for hours. And the process continues. Next up is the well and septic testing. *sigh* So many things to do for a simple home sale, eh?

I have gotten out and put in miles on a daily basis. Time to apply some of the inspiration to those miles now. It has been an amazing week along that front, too. I learned of a loss in a family friend to the cancer she has battled for so long. And I learned of how one of the gentlemen who belongs to the group sponsoring our Relay team is a 17-year survivor! (Yay, Bryan!) I also learned that his wife lost a sister only a couple of months ago to cancer. This sister, Jo, had only learned a couple of weeks prior that she had cancer and then? She was gone. I learned that a former co-worker's husband died from melanoma, that same cancer Bryan survived 17-years ago. The same cancer that took my grandmother from my dad and his siblings when he was a teenager. I learned that a former classmate of my brother's has had a recurrence. I learned of a young boy in my hometown who has an inoperable brain tumor on his brainstem. I learned also, of a man who we laughed with many a Sunday morning in his restaurant when I was younger, who also has an inoperable brain tumor on his brain stem. *sigh* So many more names to be added to the list. So many more prayers to go out.

I think I had a bunch more to say. I can't think of any of it at the moment. Perhaps I'll be back.

Happy Easter ya'll.

Today's miles: 5
Total so far: 165.5
Still to go for goal: 334.5

Friday's miles: 3
Total so far: 160.5
Still to go for goal: 339.5

Thursday's miles: 4
Total so far: 157.5
Still to go for goal: 342.5

In My Head: Dave Matthews Band - Hunger for the Great Light from Stand Up


More Miscellaneous Stuff... Bulletized for Stacey. :)

An update. Because I was the great proclaimer of No More Excuses.

  • First I want to thank Marge for making that doctor appointment and getting in there and having the checkup. :) You listened to all my nagging and got it done. Thanks, Marge. You rock.

  • I'm loving the new neighborhood. I'm getting out there and hitting the pavement and working off the mileage. Short mileage so far but I had to start slowly so as not to give myself the shin splints or the achilles problems of 2003 and 2004 again. Those sidelined me for so long that I would never get through my 500 miles this go round. I'll start kicking it up soon, but at this point, I have to start slowly and give the aged legs ice once in a while if I want a prayer of surviving moving from the treadmill to the road this season. I can tell. The legs just aren't as spry as they used to be. They are complaining from the short mileage, I cannot imagine what they are going to feel like as I add to the distance, but I do look forward to the longer treks. And I don't want to hear anything from you distance runners, Jen and Jon. *sticks tongue out* You make me jealous. (as for the neighborhood, it doesn't hurt that I'm a ten-minute walk from the coffee houses... a definite perk - ha! perk.)

  • Should be running DSL from here at the new place in less than a week. The computer will be smoking after that. Wait for the posts to come out of this site then!

  • Fundraising letter for 500 miles is slowly printing. If you love me (*ahem - you know what I mean - give it up for ACS please???) get on my mailing list by emailing me and letting me know you want one. Save me ink and tell me I can email it to you and that you'll give just as generously. I'll also post it here as soon as I hit the post office with it. I'd love to see the donations hit the record-breaking mark on my site, gang. Surprise my hometown and show them how it can be done in the 21st century without all that paper by going online. Too many people are still stuck in the dark ages and won't even consider going that route. Let's prove their fears wrong and break through the goal that I set for the town as the Online Fundraising Chair. With your help we can do it!

  • Weather is incredible here today. Wisconsin in mid-April and we have sunshine, blue skies and 80 degrees... well, I heard 80 was possible anyway. I'm loving it and want to hit the pavement, so I'll have to make this short. I've set a goal to get a few more miles in by the end of the day and will have to leave to get Keli from school in less than an hour so I want to go now.

  • By the way - things are really coming together on the sale of the house... Deadlines are being met on both parties' ends. I have a call to make to set up one thing when I get back. But things are looking awesome. All sales should go so good. Now if we can pull graduation together so smoothly.

  • Did I ever mention that Keli's ensemble took a one-star and will be going to state? That's coming up soon. Need to find out the date on that too. And her test results came back negative for lymes and mono. But she is to see an endocronologist... (sp). Her thyroid is still out of whack. Another appointment to make. Which she doesn't want to do. I have the name of a good one in St. Paul.

On the road. Have a great Wednesday afternoon. More tomorrow. Weekend approaches quickly!

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 153.5
Still to go for goal: 346.5

Tuesday's miles: 4
Total so far: 149.5
Still to go for goal: 350.5

Monday's miles: 4
Total so far: 145.5
Still to go for goal: 354.5


On the Road Again!

It's been a good weekend. A really good weekend...

The offer for house went back on the table (thank you!). And after just one slight change involving the date of closing, everyone signed. We close the day before Relay... That will be a golden week, I believe. A very busy golden week.

Today there was an open house. Haven't heard on how things went out there for that, but it was probably okay. The weather, which was supposed to be pretty wet much of the latter part of the week and would have turned the driveway/road to a messy and bumpy disaster in time for this held out for the most part and there was much wind to dry up what did fall a few days ago.

And yesterday? Yesterday Kel got an acceptance letter to the other art school to which she applied and where we toured last week. We finished the tour and she felt like she had been at home as she went through. She really loved the place. It was probably a record time for interview/acceptance. The letter was dated the same day she interviewed. And they told her she'd probably have to wait a couple of weeks to hear. She is a happy girl. I'm pretty sure she will choose that as her first year choice...

She also got her new bedroom pretty much decorated and furnished completely yesterday. Perhaps I'll take photos later. It's cool. She'll take the stuff with her to her new apartment when she heads to school, so I'll have to move the futon back in there when the house closes and my furniture comes in for my room, but that will be fine.

It's been a big weekend! And I started moving on the 500 miles again. (I know, I know - it's about time.) Gotta start slow after such a long time off, but I'll build up quickly because Relay isn't far away. Tonight I'm printing off my fundraising letters so I can get them out in this week's mail.

I've offered to help out with another Relay's online fundraising, too. (Not a big task, just some minor stuff...) and I need to get an email out to them early tomorrow. Tomorrow night I'm heading up to a meeting so I can meet their committee. Our own Relay has Roundtable coming up in just a bit and our team needs to have a meeting!!!

Phew. Smooches to all. Life is happening fast. Don't let it pass you by. Stop and have a look around. Enjoy it. Had brunch with everyone in my family yesterday. The whole entire kit and kaboodle. Lovely neices and nephews. Parents and sibs. Even had family photo opportunity. Hope to post that soon.

Weekend's miles: 5
Total so far: 141.5
Still to go for goal: 358.5

Death Cab For Cutie TransatlanticismCurrently listening: A Lack of Color
from Transatlanticism
By Death Cab for Cutie
Release date: October 2003


have a look at this!!!

Need a day brightener?

Get your a$$ over here and read what deb has to say!


Busy, Busy, BUSY!

Whew. This is what we've been working on for the past week. This room has changed a little bit. (That's an understatement... even the room's previous occupant exclaimed when she saw the photos tonight.) And I put some finishing touches in here tonight. I think everything has come together really nicely. I could do something every day and still not feel completely finished, I'm sure. But I do have other things to accomplish. Many other things.

I was admiring the clean windows this afternoon when I was there - we hired a service to come and clean them. Some of the really tall ones have never been cleaned in the nine years we've been there. We've power sprayed them and attempted to get them, but they've never really been clean. They look incredible right now. Very cool.

Tomorrow there are appointments to keep. Blood work to be done. Emails to send regarding Relay. Letters to write, also regarding Relay. And perhaps a team meeting to start pulling together. Round Table is coming up. Methinks a team meeting is in order! I cannot believe how fast this year is slipping past.

Now? Now I have some dinner dishes to clean up. And then I have to get to bed. Why didn't my internet provider get back to me about DSL today? I need to get things moving faster so that I can get MORE done during a day!

Thanks for hanging with me during my outtage. And for all of the concerned comments and emails. Glad you stopped short of flying up here from Texas, Mark. ;-) Next time just call. heh. You've got that cute pooch to take care of, after all.

Hope those of you who have put off taking care of any health issues or putting off any check ups and physicals are now making appointments and getting things taken care of. These are the days of No More Excuses. It's a good mantra. Say it with me now... No More Excuses. Good. Now make that call. Because those annual checkups are just good preventative medicine. Right Marge? Right Marge? ;-)

Okay. I'm off to do my work. I want to get to sleep soon. Just one more thing before I go...

new house!

Mystical took this picture when she stopped over the other morning before we went for writing practice at coffee... some of my buds wanted to see a picture of the new place. So here it is. The first photo...


No More Excuses...

(Written Saturday afternoon - posted ??? I have no internet connection so time will tell...)

Sorry for the very long pause between posts. It's been a busy couple of weeks around here.

First things first. Keli is feeling much better. Okay, much is an overstatement of facts. She's feeling somewhat better. She has a lot of stress in her life and at 18 (yes, she's had a big birthday since I was last here!), she's handling it all about as well as can be expected. Tuesday she goes back in for more poking of needles. Not at all a favorite thing of hers. They will recheck some of the last things that were checked and they will test for lymes and mono. Obviously the internist didn't think mono was one of the big possibilities or I'd think she would have ordered that test to be done last week when we were there. During the appointment a slight heart murmur may have been heard and after the results of all of the blood work come back, Keli may choose to have that investigated further. It is up to her, my now adult child. *sigh* There are also some breathing tests that could be done as asthma is another possibility to look into. Again, totally up to her.

Tonight is the final night of the interactive dinner theater at the high school for which Kel is the stage manager and lighting guru. I can't wait to see it. There is a cast of five? Maybe six? She came home after it's opening last night quite pleased with how things went. So I'm really happy for her.

Addendum Sunday morning - The play was fabulous. I was even drawn in at one point when Bren (if you are a long time reader you'll remember this name) who was one of the actors and a true star of the show (he really is a fantastic actor if I've never mentioned this before), pulled me up to dance with him at one point. Have I mentioned how much I hate being the center of attention?

Yesterday (Friday) was her final day of AP Lit and Comp. :( It has been, from what I can tell, one of her (if not the) all-time favorite classes. Her teacher was absolutely lovely during difficult times and just all around. And the discussions that took place among the students have brought them to a close place. Going to school Monday knowing that they will not be together will be difficult for her, I believe.

Excitement abounded for other reasons besides the opening of the play last night. It was the eve of the first showing of our house. We had a call from our agent and he had good news. After two hours spent there, the first people to look at the place were making a full-price offer. Unfortunately, they changed their minds when allowed to sleep on it. It does mean that it's priced right to move quickly if the right people come along, though. We remain optimistic.

Last Tuesday night was the second kick-off of our Relay and it was really well attended. It makes me very hopeful that we'll have a big event this year! Now that the house is ready for showings for the most part, (thank you so much dad and anonybro and mom and mystical for your help out there this past week! I have to get photos of Kel's room so I can add them to the photos on the web!) I can concentrate a little more on my Online Fundraising jobs (sorry boss-man J!) and a little more on my 500-mile run! I have some serious miles to do by Father's Day weekend... And I need to get a lot done before Keli graduates, too!

As for the title of this post, I have something to say to a certain Mystical Marge... NO MORE EXCUSES. You have a phone call to make. And anyone else who may have put off a doctor appointment or two because you may be too busy or just don't want to face that particular kind of yucky appointment, get thee to a telephone and just do it. Regular check ups are just good preventative medicine. I love you, Marge. You are my dear friend. Please make that call today. You know I need you in my life. We have many trips to our favorite Badlands haunts to make. We have rocks to hunt. Go see your doc. I'll do what I need to do if you will. :)

That goes for the rest of you who are delaying things, too. Smooches to you all. And I'll stop using my lack of internet connection excuse for the lack of posts. I even called the phone company and got that ordered. Monday I should have a phone. Isn't that exciting?

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