stunned silent sadness...

I've been walking in a fog for most of today because of more shocking news. I wrote on the fourteenth about Eric and how I had added him to the inspiration list that day because he was no longer in remission (I had only just recently been introduced to his wife's blog). Today I learned that on Friday night, cancer stole him from his beautiful wife, Amanda. Just like that. Please read the tribute post my blog buddy Dalene put on The Cancer Blog for him.

I also learned today that one of my SIL's good friends, Paula, is going in for surgery for breast cancer this week. Another shock. WTH?

Thank goodness the US Senate approved the big ammendments to increase funding for research and prevention in the FY'07 budget! Check it out! Want to know how your Senator voted?

There are ways you can help in your community. You may or may not remember me blogging about the Navigator program earlier this year. Another great program the American Cancer Society offers (and which utilizes money from Relay) is Road to Recovery. This is their service program which provides cancer patients transportation to treatment and home again as needed. They are in need of volunteer drivers in many communities. If you have a little spare time on your hands and could help out for a small amount of time each month, the ACS provides simple training. Please call your local ACS office, or 1-800-ACS-2345.

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