Music on my mind...

First of all, went to that red bullseye in the sky today and spent a wee bit of dollars (with help) on music (which makes my world go 'round, I don't know about the rest of you...) today. Why didn't anyone tell me that Blue Merle sounds Just. Like. Coldplay? I kept walking over to the cd player and picking up the jewel case to make sure I was playing what I thought I was playing when I had their Burning in the Sun cd going. Incredible. At one point I'm standing at the stove stiring lunch (Shut up, Kazoofus. And no, it wasn't mac and cheese. And no, I didn't burn it. Okay, it was a frozen thing, and yes, all I had to do was put it in the pan, turn on the stove and stir... give me a break. But it tasted good... We won't talk about forgetting the side dish until the last minute or the soupy rice, 'kay?), and I turned to stare at the cd player because it was truly uncanny. Keli looked at me and said, "What, Coldplay? Yeah. Really does."


Shufflin' up my iTunes today.

This is what comes up:

    Double Dutch (Iffy, Cities 97 Sampler, Vol. 13)
    Fever (Michael Buble', Michael Buble')
    Blue House (Modern Relics, Cities 97 Sampler, Vol. 4)
    She Has No Time (Keane, Hopes And Fears)
    Box Set (Barenaked Ladies, Gordon)
    Trip Through Your Wires (U2, The Joshua Tree)
    Talk To Me (Keri Noble, Cities 97 Sampler, Vol. 16)
    Red Rubber Ball (Simon & Garfunkel, Old Friends)
    You And I Both (Jason Mraz, Waiting For My Rocket To Come)
    You Dance (eastmountainsouth, Cities 97 Sampler Volume 15)
    Save Me (Dave Matthews, Some Devil)

Are you an iTunes playa? Shuffle them and tell me whatcha got. Give me your top three. I need a lighthearted little glimpse for today. Or we can get deep into it and really do some sorting like Chris did some weeks back in his ultimate iTunes meme, titled iMeme. :) I started it but it is as yet, unfinished. Tonight that sounds like a good plan for me, since I'm musically inclined.

My allergies are kicking me in the a$$. I can think of nothing better than to just sit back (if I sit forward, you don't wanna know what happens. That would be known as TMI), turn up the tunes and play around with the sorting function and see what comes up. I guess you'll find out.

Why not play along?

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