blogging, clogging and dogging...

Girls' mini blogher last night. Great time. Mucho fun. Still Waters Run Deep. Mystical joined Zoofy and me. Jenorama did too via phone and text message and spirit. *snort*

We visited four or five (?) different locations. Looked in the windows at a couple others and decided they were far too tame or lame or something. Did some dancing. Did some laughing. Did some talking about other bloggers. Oh, I'm just kidding. We don't gossip. Untied the sun. Spring has sprung. Spent time before and after at Mystical's house visiting with sweet little four-foots.

It was a blast and I can't wait to do it again soon. I'm sure photos will follow at Zoofy's place. (I vaguely remember her asking if there were any that she could not blog and my exclaiming she had "total access - go for it!" or some such ridiculous thing and that she'd best get my signature right away before I changed my mind. heh) Would you believe I didn't take my camera? I left it in my car. I had the camera phone, but my T-Zones are under maintenance at the moment and I doubt any of them are going to turn out anyway... Time will tell.

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