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Tonight I run for Minerva. Please visit her.

First of all, before scrolling down and looking at the photos I finally added, go check this out! Thanks, Dalene. :)

She said the group who gathered around to witness the great buzz-cut for cancer were all afraid to actually do the deed for fear they would cut her head or ruin the look. That meant only her friend Sara took part in doing the deed, but Jessica took many photographs to bear witness to the occasion. I hope that someday I'll have a few of these photos for my own collection. When she finally returned home last night she went immediately to her own room to play around with various headwear and makeup looks and then to the computer to communicate with her various friends and I didn't get a photo because I was exhausted after the night before when I got a sum total of 90 minutes of sleep. Instead I hit the sack.

Therefore, you'll have to settle for this picture taken in the car this morning after we'd pulled up at the school and she was making the "My mother is such a dork" face after I'd hit the power button once and shut the camera off rather than snapping a picture after she actually smiled (!) for the first shot I attempted. In the meantime, cars are backing up behind us waiting to drop off other teens who were nearly late for school because none of us had arrived any too early this morning. RATS! No cord for my camera... Now you'll have to wait until I get back home to that in order for me to load it to a computer! CURSES!

And yes, she is wearing a hat, so you can't see what it looks like. What do you expect... It's February in Wisconsin! And pretty much the coldest morning of the year so far.
fuzz head
Kel and KelsAnd these other two (they suck because I used the phone to take them) I grabbed tonight after school and Japan Bowl practice. The first is waiting for Kelsey to arrive at her house where they are going to hang out for the evening because for them? Tonight is Friday. No school tomorrow! And the second is the two of them... of course. Kels came running to the car and crashed into it and pulled her out giving huge hugs. Kel was being all crabby acting saying I'd made her that way by taking photos. :) And doesn't it look dogdamn cold out, too?

And speaking of that, I've neglected to be checking my propane supply lately (first time I've actually let that happen this winter, too... Go figure on my great timing here) so yesterday when I finally did remember to check I was shocked (well only slightly shocked) to find it was down to 10 percent in the tank. This is bad. So I dashed into the house and phoned the delivery company who said I had three options:

  1. Regular delivery which would take up to five business days and would not be a good option with the weekend coming up in two days. There is no way in this cold that our heat would hold out for the next four days minimum.

  2. Pay an extra $50 and get guaranteed next day delivery.

  3. Pay a whole lot more than that for guaranteed same day delivery.

I decided to go for the extra $50 since we also have electric coils sunk in the basement floor which we can turn up and help heat the rest of the house. (Thanks for that reminder, Keith.) I didn't turn off the gas heat entirely but did turn it down a lot and cranked the floor heat up all of the way. Our main level was at a balmy 58 degrees Fahrenheit when we climbed out of our beds this morning. But we were rushing to get ready and out of the house, so we barely noticed. *sarcasm*

With the work I have to do in there during the day, I actually prefer it on the cooler side, but that is pushing it just a little bit. I'll be glad to know they've been there and gotten the tank filled today. And hopefully I'll get a better opportunity for a good picture of my girl tonight. Because she looks as beautiful as ever (and is even more gorgeous inside than ever) and I sure am proud of her. Thanks again for all of the support from those of you who offered... She went down to 1/8th or 1/4 inch - so basically took the entire 6 inches off! Woohoo!

I'm sure she's having an interesting day at school today. :)

For Minerva... great peace and great hope, M.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 124.5
Still to go for goal: 375.5

Playing in my head: Someday You Will be Loved from Death Cab for Cutie

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