That's my girl!

Thanks for the kind words about Bear and suggesting I get another dog. This really isn't a good time for that, though. Maybe later. But definitely not now. Too much is up in the air and changing. I'm gone too much of the time and that isn't fair to a new member of the family. When things settle down again, then I will consider it. But not now.

Now there is Relay. And College. And graduation. And lots of other things.

beforeBlogging wasn't part of my life when Keli decided to cut off all of her long hair and donate it to Wigs for Kids (similar to Locks of Love) when she was in middle school. But if it had been, I'd have been able to post her before and after photos at that time. You know. Something like this. Well, that was after until she decided that she didn't have the after look quite right... (and that's not a swim cap, folks)
afterand even MORE after...
Well, this whole cancer thing has her feeling pretty angry right now. She's feeling it in a big way at the moment. It took a lot away from her Dad. It took away his freedom to get around because he isn't able to drive. It took away much of their time together because he ends up living where he works because of that lack of freedom. And it has taken away many friends and family members. And now, it is impacting in a big way, the life of a good friend of hers, too. Kiersen's mom has been battling breast cancer like such a fierce warrior.

So Keli has decided that it is time once again to show everyone her support of the victims and the survivors of cancer. Will you jump on board and show her your support? She doesn't even know I've cooked this up. She was just planning on getting together with friends, including Kiersen, and letting them buzz her hair off in honor of Kimberly, Kiersen's mom. One or two of the gang is bringing a camera to mark the occasion. I asked a friend for a fundraising idea from the almost too late plans and she suggested we ask people to donate a dollar (or whatever people want to donate) for every inch Keli decides to cut. Well, at it's longest, Kel only has six inches of hair, so that isn't asking too much!

Will you join in? I'm going to be the first here... I'm offering $5 per inch of hair. So for every inch she cuts, I'll donate $5 (remember, I'm not employed...) to ACS Relay For Life. If she cuts five inches off, I'll be giving a $25 donation. I'll keep you posted and update with a photo as soon as I can get one online. You can donate with a credit card by visiting her Relay site here, or you can print a donation form at the same place and send a check. Either way works. And either way is equally appreciated.

Doesn't she rock? That's my girl.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 121
Still to go for goal: 379

Playing in my head: Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You) by Aqualung

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