observations from the road

  • The last hour of a road trip, when you can actually smell your destination, is the absolute worst (especially when you have to pee).

  • The Chippewa Falls crash site has gotten no easier to drive past with the passing of time. :(

  • The Beatles song, Day in the Life, perfectly matches the timing of the beat of my blinker. I had to change lanes multiple times just to test it out.

  • I do not like Sweet and Salty Trail Mix by Chex. Blah.

  • I laughed my a$$ off and thought of Jane when I drove past exit 69. How immature are we, dear? :o) ROFL!!!

  • Jane and Louie's idea of rustic is no where near that of my own. If it includes linen table clothes, linen napkins, wait people pouring every glass of wine from your bottle and market priced items on the menu? it's not rustic! Thank you both for a wonderful weekend. Give my hairy and slobbery new beau a huge hug for me.

Head over here to see a few photos from the great occasion. Hopefully you'll see some from the rest of the Divas posted there soon, too!

Divas and one Divo!

Playing in my head: Eight Days a Week from the Fab Four

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