Maybe I should change my name...

Dude, you.are.killing.me.

woah dude. don't you ever complain about not having pictures of me again.

Or perhaps someone already did without telling me?

Whichever. It's okay.

When I was in second grade I traded names with the girl who sat in front of me. We just decided we liked each other's names better than our own and decided to go by the other's. I wrote her name on my paper and she wrote mine. The teacher somehow knew that mine was hers and hers was mine, if that makes any sense. So now you can call me Keri or you can call me Dude. I answer to either. And I call my daughter Dude, too. It's a universal name. Brandon is Dude, too. How we can tell each other apart, I'll never know. ;o)

Playing in my head: Tongue-Tied from Aqualung

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