many things about me...

(ten factorial minus one) imperatively useless things about me.

Ten Favorite:
10. Color: froth green
9. Food: at the moment - mini bags of microwave popcorn
8. Band: death cab for cutie gets a decent amount of play on the iPod right now, but I don't really have a favorite. I like a lot of music. I think I'm pretty well-rounded in the music department...
7. Movie: movies that I can watch multiple times are winners. I have watched Love Actually many times. And Diary of Bridget Jones, and the PBS mini series version of Pride and Prejudice... And any day that Harold and Maude or Feris Beuller's Day Off are playing I will sit down and watch them.
6. Sport: olympic curling? heh
5. Season: autumn
4. Day of the week: oh good grief. Any day that farkeling and laughter are involved is a good day.
3. Ice Cream Flavor: why? I just told Kel yesterday that this is definitely not my favorite food. I guess mint chocolate chip. Or chocolate marshmallow.
2. Time of the Day: farkel time.
1. This one is missing so I guess I'll add my own - coffee. :)

Nine Current:
9. Current Mood: tired.
8. Taste: buttery popcorn.
7. Clothes: faded jeans, black mock turtle, black socks, and the nike bike jacket that's pale blue and black which Bill said looked a little like a wet suit and Anonybro said looked like the stuff they used to put on beds waaaaaaay back in the old days...
6. Mousepad: southwest art from Arizona.
5. Finger/Toenail Color: natural with the exception of left thumb which is the color of big a$$ bandage.
4. Time: 1:36 am
3. Crush: orange soda which I used to love until I went on the med to prevent migraines which makes all carbonated drinks taste like a$$
2. Thought: is the furnace no longer working because it feels like it is about 40 degrees in here. I hate winter.
1. Love: buttery popcorn :)

Eight Firsts:
8. First Best Friend: Nancy J
7. Love: Eric D
6. Screen Name: kerirfwi
5. Pet: Pinky the dog
4. Crush: Eric
3. Piercing: Got my ears pierced for my 13th birthday
2. Word: no clue
1. Car: officially it was an 86 Ford Escort (or was it an 85? No, I'm pretty sure it was an 86...), but my folks got a different Escort when I was in high school that was pretty much mine as it was for my use.

Seven Last:
7. Last Cigarette: I have to guess here... Taking a stab in the dark I'd say it was sometime around November of 97. But it may have been a little later than that. Like possibly spring of a year or so later.
6. Drink: Berry propel. about an hour ago.
5. Car Ride: Brandon's house to pick up Keli at 10:30.
4. Text Message: this morning to ask Cari how she was doing.
3. Movie Seen: Kel and I watched Ladies in Lavendar starring Judi Dench last night.
2. Phone Call: Anonybro. Keli called me tonight to ask what time I was going to pick her up from B's house.
1. Song Listened to: currently listening to deathcab's "Soul Meets Body" from the album Plans.

Six Have You Ever:
6. Dated one of your best friends: yes.
5. Broken the Law: hasn't everyone?
4. Been arrested: no.
3. Skinny dipped: yes.
2. Been on TV: yep.
1. Kissed someone you didn't know: nah.

Five Things:
5. What you're wearing: this is a repeat!
4. What you did last night: I went to a party!
3. You can hear right now: "Summer Skin" by death cab, my clacking on the keyboard, the humming of the computer cpu.
2. You can't live without: coffee (mom was right, I'm addicted to 3 Hats!), farkel, my notebook and pens, the divas, the internet and blogdom, family, friends, not in this order of course...
1. You do when you're bored: text message, write, knit/crochet, Relay, run, go to 3 Hats, blog, email, read, who gets bored???

Four States You Have Been To:
4. (in particular order) Wisconsin
3. Minnesota
2. New Mexico
1. South Dakota

Three People You Can Tell Anything To:
3. Cari
2. Beanie
1. Marge

Two Choices:
2. Black or White: black
1. Winter or Summer: summer

One Person You would Do Anything For:
1. Kel (and she is the first one of many)

Are you reading this? Consider yourself tagged...

Currently listening:
By Death Cab for Cutie
Release date: August 2005

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