The close of another weekend...

Can't believe it is Sunday night already. Been a busy weekend cleaning and packing things away. Don't believe I've mentioned it around here but we're getting the house put together to put on the market.

I did get an opportunity to do a little farkeling on Saturday evening with Bill and Kathy. This was after the big surprise party for my sis-in-law's surprise 40th birthday party. I think she was actually surprised, too! It was a fun afternoon and a nice break from the action at the house.

And winter has arrived with a vengeance. Not so much snow, but cold like you wouldn't believe if you didn't live in the north country. The wind (out of the north, of course) has been incredible. At least there has been some bright sunshine.

Glad I got that propane tank filled the day they said they'd fill it! Or we'd be freezing our butts off!

ribbon chipFor those who have inquired, yes, there will be more artwork up for auction one of these days. Or at the very least, a print or two if not originals. ;) I'm not so sure how many originals I can part with, after all. I've been told that I should take the ribbon tortilla chip (do ya'll remember that? from my sweet nieces? I'll have to go digging for that photo...) and auction it off on eBay for the Relay. I'm still giving that some serious consideration.

And finally, there's still time to get your donations in to Kel's great buzz-cut for cancer. Just head on over to her ACS Relay online site. I'll be updating that with a photo from the actual event as soon as Jessica gets back from her vacation and I can get my happy little mitts on one or two jpgs. :) Thanks to everyone who has donated already and helped move our team that much closer to the Platinum goal we are shooting for! (over $10,000 to the American Cancer Society!) You can donate with the simple click of a button, or by clicking on the printable form link you can fill out for sending with a check. Thanks again! Smooches!

I just realized the travesty of having absolutely no Beatles tunes on my iPod. Must remedy that situation... soon.

What's your favorite Beatles tune?

Playing in my head: Blackbird from the Fab Four

I have a few readers due to the holiday letters I sent out last month (yeah, that's right - they were late, what of it? ;)) who might be totally new to this whole blogging phenomenon and may not have found the comments area. At the bottom of the post you'll see the section that starts "posted by Keri @" and gives the time and date stamp. That's where it all begins. The actual comments are found behind the section that has a number in parentheses and "told me". If no one has commented yet it simply says "what say you?"

Please click on there and leave a comment. Say hello! Let me know you are here visiting! I know I'm getting drop by's by some of you because I'm seeing new locations in my statistics and those locations are very familiar cities to me (well, not that I've visited, but that I've mailed things to recently!) and I love that you are stopping by. Now I'd just like to hear from you! :)

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