Please go see Deb. And send her some prayers. She had her stem cell transplant today. If you have a little extra cash lying around, her medical fund could use some of that, too. Don't know Deb? Read all about her here. Make sure to click on the extended entry. And have a look at that beautiful little Zoe who can't stay with her right now because of germs. Smooches to Deb. And smooches to my readers who will be going to visit her and send her birthday greetings for this big day.

Currently listening: Breaking My Heart
from Strange and Beautiful
By Aqualung
Release date: March 2005

Protect Kids Around the World from Tobacco

Tell President Bush to Support the Global Tobacco Treaty

(a mailing from my ACS Cancer Action Network)

A year ago today, the world's first public health treaty - the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control - became law. The treaty offers the world a chance to avoid millions of deaths caused by tobacco use.

To date, more than 120 countries have ratified the treaty, making it one of the most rapidly embraced treaties in history.

Sadly, the United States is not among these 120 countries.

Call 1-888-NOW-I-CAN


Tell President Bush to Send the
Tobacco Treaty to the Senate for Ratification

After signing the treaty in May 2004, the President has failed to send it to the Senate for ratification.

Call 1-888-NOW-I-CAN right now and leave a message with the White House operator.

President Bush needs to hear that his constituents -- the American people -- want this treaty ratified.

Can't make the call? Then take two minutes to send an email to the White House.

Whether by phone or by email, President Bush and his Administration need to hear from you. How many more children need to get addicted to tobacco before something is done?

The United States, home to Philip Morris the world's largest tobacco company, has a responsibility to help stop the growing global tobacco epidemic. Currently, tobacco use kills nearly 5 million people a year and that number is expected to grow to 10 million a year within two decades. Tobacco use remains leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

Your voice can make the difference.

Please call 1-888-NOW-I-CAN right now to urge President Bush to send this important treaty to the Senate for ratification.

Learn more about the global tobacco treaty.

many things about me...

(ten factorial minus one) imperatively useless things about me.

Ten Favorite:
10. Color: froth green
9. Food: at the moment - mini bags of microwave popcorn
8. Band: death cab for cutie gets a decent amount of play on the iPod right now, but I don't really have a favorite. I like a lot of music. I think I'm pretty well-rounded in the music department...
7. Movie: movies that I can watch multiple times are winners. I have watched Love Actually many times. And Diary of Bridget Jones, and the PBS mini series version of Pride and Prejudice... And any day that Harold and Maude or Feris Beuller's Day Off are playing I will sit down and watch them.
6. Sport: olympic curling? heh
5. Season: autumn
4. Day of the week: oh good grief. Any day that farkeling and laughter are involved is a good day.
3. Ice Cream Flavor: why? I just told Kel yesterday that this is definitely not my favorite food. I guess mint chocolate chip. Or chocolate marshmallow.
2. Time of the Day: farkel time.
1. This one is missing so I guess I'll add my own - coffee. :)

Nine Current:
9. Current Mood: tired.
8. Taste: buttery popcorn.
7. Clothes: faded jeans, black mock turtle, black socks, and the nike bike jacket that's pale blue and black which Bill said looked a little like a wet suit and Anonybro said looked like the stuff they used to put on beds waaaaaaay back in the old days...
6. Mousepad: southwest art from Arizona.
5. Finger/Toenail Color: natural with the exception of left thumb which is the color of big a$$ bandage.
4. Time: 1:36 am
3. Crush: orange soda which I used to love until I went on the med to prevent migraines which makes all carbonated drinks taste like a$$
2. Thought: is the furnace no longer working because it feels like it is about 40 degrees in here. I hate winter.
1. Love: buttery popcorn :)

Eight Firsts:
8. First Best Friend: Nancy J
7. Love: Eric D
6. Screen Name: kerirfwi
5. Pet: Pinky the dog
4. Crush: Eric
3. Piercing: Got my ears pierced for my 13th birthday
2. Word: no clue
1. Car: officially it was an 86 Ford Escort (or was it an 85? No, I'm pretty sure it was an 86...), but my folks got a different Escort when I was in high school that was pretty much mine as it was for my use.

Seven Last:
7. Last Cigarette: I have to guess here... Taking a stab in the dark I'd say it was sometime around November of 97. But it may have been a little later than that. Like possibly spring of a year or so later.
6. Drink: Berry propel. about an hour ago.
5. Car Ride: Brandon's house to pick up Keli at 10:30.
4. Text Message: this morning to ask Cari how she was doing.
3. Movie Seen: Kel and I watched Ladies in Lavendar starring Judi Dench last night.
2. Phone Call: Anonybro. Keli called me tonight to ask what time I was going to pick her up from B's house.
1. Song Listened to: currently listening to deathcab's "Soul Meets Body" from the album Plans.

Six Have You Ever:
6. Dated one of your best friends: yes.
5. Broken the Law: hasn't everyone?
4. Been arrested: no.
3. Skinny dipped: yes.
2. Been on TV: yep.
1. Kissed someone you didn't know: nah.

Five Things:
5. What you're wearing: this is a repeat!
4. What you did last night: I went to a party!
3. You can hear right now: "Summer Skin" by death cab, my clacking on the keyboard, the humming of the computer cpu.
2. You can't live without: coffee (mom was right, I'm addicted to 3 Hats!), farkel, my notebook and pens, the divas, the internet and blogdom, family, friends, not in this order of course...
1. You do when you're bored: text message, write, knit/crochet, Relay, run, go to 3 Hats, blog, email, read, who gets bored???

Four States You Have Been To:
4. (in particular order) Wisconsin
3. Minnesota
2. New Mexico
1. South Dakota

Three People You Can Tell Anything To:
3. Cari
2. Beanie
1. Marge

Two Choices:
2. Black or White: black
1. Winter or Summer: summer

One Person You would Do Anything For:
1. Kel (and she is the first one of many)

Are you reading this? Consider yourself tagged...

Currently listening:
By Death Cab for Cutie
Release date: August 2005



I can't get her to stop for five minutes to take a photo so I had to take this one out of her files. Whatever works. I likes it, though! :)

Great Buzz-Cut for Cancer!

Thank you to everyone who helped her reach her first goal through your generous donations! I haven't been out to her site with her to show her how to see those individual donations and go through the steps to send thank you emails to each of you with her. Life is a little hectic because we're down to the wire with a couple more school interviews and paperwork for scholarships and essays. Please bear with her! Smooches to all of you! :)

For some reason she doesn't like it when I call her my fuzzy duckling... ;)

For John and Carol...

I heard today that Terri and Kathy's Uncle John was finally released from his long and difficult battle with cancer. The girls (and Kathy's teen daughter Katrina) have been on the RFL committee probably since the beginning of it in our town. Last year Terri was even our co-chair. She took this well-deserved year off to rest after all her hard-working years of service. Their family has fought a lot of cancer.

What we can do is keep raising funds for research and please tell your elected members of Congress that you are opposed to the President's proposed cuts to funding for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in his budget for Fiscal Year 2007. Please.

This week I also did a little running along with the other things I needed to do while my visitor was in da house... This was for John and Carol (Carol is Terri's mother-in-law. They recently learned that she has stage 3 lung cancer.)

Sunday's miles: 4
Total so far: 132.5
Still to go for goal: 367.5

Saturday's miles: 4
Total so far: 128.5
Still to go for goal: 371.5

Playing in my head: The Moment I Said It From Imogen Heap


Yeeehaaw!!! ;-)

Just look who came to visit me today at my favorite coffee shop!

Beanie and me at my favorite coffee shop!

Now I've got work to do. No time for bloggin'! Smooches!



Beanie posted more photos from our recent Diva Fest! I misses those wimmens something awful. We have just got to do it again soon.

Fighting on...

Not a great day for news on the hometown cancer front. A friend of mine who was one of the chairs of the Relay last year has learned that her MIL has lung cancer. And her Uncle John is in his final stages of the battle. :(

Adding Carol M to the list of inspirations. John is already there. They'll be the focus of any and all running for the week.

Playing in my head: I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow


The close of another weekend...

Can't believe it is Sunday night already. Been a busy weekend cleaning and packing things away. Don't believe I've mentioned it around here but we're getting the house put together to put on the market.

I did get an opportunity to do a little farkeling on Saturday evening with Bill and Kathy. This was after the big surprise party for my sis-in-law's surprise 40th birthday party. I think she was actually surprised, too! It was a fun afternoon and a nice break from the action at the house.

And winter has arrived with a vengeance. Not so much snow, but cold like you wouldn't believe if you didn't live in the north country. The wind (out of the north, of course) has been incredible. At least there has been some bright sunshine.

Glad I got that propane tank filled the day they said they'd fill it! Or we'd be freezing our butts off!

ribbon chipFor those who have inquired, yes, there will be more artwork up for auction one of these days. Or at the very least, a print or two if not originals. ;) I'm not so sure how many originals I can part with, after all. I've been told that I should take the ribbon tortilla chip (do ya'll remember that? from my sweet nieces? I'll have to go digging for that photo...) and auction it off on eBay for the Relay. I'm still giving that some serious consideration.

And finally, there's still time to get your donations in to Kel's great buzz-cut for cancer. Just head on over to her ACS Relay online site. I'll be updating that with a photo from the actual event as soon as Jessica gets back from her vacation and I can get my happy little mitts on one or two jpgs. :) Thanks to everyone who has donated already and helped move our team that much closer to the Platinum goal we are shooting for! (over $10,000 to the American Cancer Society!) You can donate with the simple click of a button, or by clicking on the printable form link you can fill out for sending with a check. Thanks again! Smooches!

I just realized the travesty of having absolutely no Beatles tunes on my iPod. Must remedy that situation... soon.

What's your favorite Beatles tune?

Playing in my head: Blackbird from the Fab Four

I have a few readers due to the holiday letters I sent out last month (yeah, that's right - they were late, what of it? ;)) who might be totally new to this whole blogging phenomenon and may not have found the comments area. At the bottom of the post you'll see the section that starts "posted by Keri @" and gives the time and date stamp. That's where it all begins. The actual comments are found behind the section that has a number in parentheses and "told me". If no one has commented yet it simply says "what say you?"

Please click on there and leave a comment. Say hello! Let me know you are here visiting! I know I'm getting drop by's by some of you because I'm seeing new locations in my statistics and those locations are very familiar cities to me (well, not that I've visited, but that I've mailed things to recently!) and I love that you are stopping by. Now I'd just like to hear from you! :)


Bidding is closed...

After the last very generous bid by the Internet Connection of Anonymous, I am announcing the closing of bidding on this piece of art. Those of you who missed out, a fun bidding war broke out in the comments yesterday. (Note to Anonymous: If it isn't signed? The artist will sign it before delivery...)

Thanks for playing! We'll work out the payment details to her ACS Relay online fundraising website (found here) upon delivery of artwork. :)

Playing in my head: I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man the Eric Clapton version


Just stopping by...

to say

She got in!

the early yearsYou've come a long way, Baby. ;)

Playing in my head: I Saw Her Standing There from The Beatles

Updated with photos! Photo Ops...

Tonight I run for Minerva. Please visit her.

First of all, before scrolling down and looking at the photos I finally added, go check this out! Thanks, Dalene. :)

She said the group who gathered around to witness the great buzz-cut for cancer were all afraid to actually do the deed for fear they would cut her head or ruin the look. That meant only her friend Sara took part in doing the deed, but Jessica took many photographs to bear witness to the occasion. I hope that someday I'll have a few of these photos for my own collection. When she finally returned home last night she went immediately to her own room to play around with various headwear and makeup looks and then to the computer to communicate with her various friends and I didn't get a photo because I was exhausted after the night before when I got a sum total of 90 minutes of sleep. Instead I hit the sack.

Therefore, you'll have to settle for this picture taken in the car this morning after we'd pulled up at the school and she was making the "My mother is such a dork" face after I'd hit the power button once and shut the camera off rather than snapping a picture after she actually smiled (!) for the first shot I attempted. In the meantime, cars are backing up behind us waiting to drop off other teens who were nearly late for school because none of us had arrived any too early this morning. RATS! No cord for my camera... Now you'll have to wait until I get back home to that in order for me to load it to a computer! CURSES!

And yes, she is wearing a hat, so you can't see what it looks like. What do you expect... It's February in Wisconsin! And pretty much the coldest morning of the year so far.
fuzz head
Kel and KelsAnd these other two (they suck because I used the phone to take them) I grabbed tonight after school and Japan Bowl practice. The first is waiting for Kelsey to arrive at her house where they are going to hang out for the evening because for them? Tonight is Friday. No school tomorrow! And the second is the two of them... of course. Kels came running to the car and crashed into it and pulled her out giving huge hugs. Kel was being all crabby acting saying I'd made her that way by taking photos. :) And doesn't it look dogdamn cold out, too?

And speaking of that, I've neglected to be checking my propane supply lately (first time I've actually let that happen this winter, too... Go figure on my great timing here) so yesterday when I finally did remember to check I was shocked (well only slightly shocked) to find it was down to 10 percent in the tank. This is bad. So I dashed into the house and phoned the delivery company who said I had three options:

  1. Regular delivery which would take up to five business days and would not be a good option with the weekend coming up in two days. There is no way in this cold that our heat would hold out for the next four days minimum.

  2. Pay an extra $50 and get guaranteed next day delivery.

  3. Pay a whole lot more than that for guaranteed same day delivery.

I decided to go for the extra $50 since we also have electric coils sunk in the basement floor which we can turn up and help heat the rest of the house. (Thanks for that reminder, Keith.) I didn't turn off the gas heat entirely but did turn it down a lot and cranked the floor heat up all of the way. Our main level was at a balmy 58 degrees Fahrenheit when we climbed out of our beds this morning. But we were rushing to get ready and out of the house, so we barely noticed. *sarcasm*

With the work I have to do in there during the day, I actually prefer it on the cooler side, but that is pushing it just a little bit. I'll be glad to know they've been there and gotten the tank filled today. And hopefully I'll get a better opportunity for a good picture of my girl tonight. Because she looks as beautiful as ever (and is even more gorgeous inside than ever) and I sure am proud of her. Thanks again for all of the support from those of you who offered... She went down to 1/8th or 1/4 inch - so basically took the entire 6 inches off! Woohoo!

I'm sure she's having an interesting day at school today. :)

For Minerva... great peace and great hope, M.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 124.5
Still to go for goal: 375.5

Playing in my head: Someday You Will be Loved from Death Cab for Cutie


That's my girl!

Thanks for the kind words about Bear and suggesting I get another dog. This really isn't a good time for that, though. Maybe later. But definitely not now. Too much is up in the air and changing. I'm gone too much of the time and that isn't fair to a new member of the family. When things settle down again, then I will consider it. But not now.

Now there is Relay. And College. And graduation. And lots of other things.

beforeBlogging wasn't part of my life when Keli decided to cut off all of her long hair and donate it to Wigs for Kids (similar to Locks of Love) when she was in middle school. But if it had been, I'd have been able to post her before and after photos at that time. You know. Something like this. Well, that was after until she decided that she didn't have the after look quite right... (and that's not a swim cap, folks)
afterand even MORE after...
Well, this whole cancer thing has her feeling pretty angry right now. She's feeling it in a big way at the moment. It took a lot away from her Dad. It took away his freedom to get around because he isn't able to drive. It took away much of their time together because he ends up living where he works because of that lack of freedom. And it has taken away many friends and family members. And now, it is impacting in a big way, the life of a good friend of hers, too. Kiersen's mom has been battling breast cancer like such a fierce warrior.

So Keli has decided that it is time once again to show everyone her support of the victims and the survivors of cancer. Will you jump on board and show her your support? She doesn't even know I've cooked this up. She was just planning on getting together with friends, including Kiersen, and letting them buzz her hair off in honor of Kimberly, Kiersen's mom. One or two of the gang is bringing a camera to mark the occasion. I asked a friend for a fundraising idea from the almost too late plans and she suggested we ask people to donate a dollar (or whatever people want to donate) for every inch Keli decides to cut. Well, at it's longest, Kel only has six inches of hair, so that isn't asking too much!

Will you join in? I'm going to be the first here... I'm offering $5 per inch of hair. So for every inch she cuts, I'll donate $5 (remember, I'm not employed...) to ACS Relay For Life. If she cuts five inches off, I'll be giving a $25 donation. I'll keep you posted and update with a photo as soon as I can get one online. You can donate with a credit card by visiting her Relay site here, or you can print a donation form at the same place and send a check. Either way works. And either way is equally appreciated.

Doesn't she rock? That's my girl.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 121
Still to go for goal: 379

Playing in my head: Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You) by Aqualung


Can't believe it's been a year.

Sure do miss him. :(

Christmas 2004

It was fun playing with Jane and Louie's pooches last weekend, but I'm sure not ready for another dog in my life full time yet. They are heartbreaking little guys.

I would have liked to watch Westminster, though. It would have been fun to see the Schip if they had one.

Playing in my head: Collide from Howie Day


Happy Birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday to my gorgeous Sister-In-Law, Bonnie... AKA the Truffle Queen!

Thanks for the pic, Dad!

Look what a beautiful and happy girl!

Check this out - This was Bonnie's gift from Anonybro... She has been collecting these Snow Babies for so long that she has multiple curio cabinets filled with them but this year for the Truffle Queen? A very special little Snow Baby... Click to embiggen and see how special...

truffle baby web

Love you, dear! I'm so happy that you are a part of our family!

Playing in my head: These Boots Are Made For Walking
by Nancy Sinatra because I did a look up on this great website to see what was the number one song on this date in history for Bonnie's birthday and this was number one in Britain... :) Now it's in my head probably for the day. What a great song...


observations from the road

  • The last hour of a road trip, when you can actually smell your destination, is the absolute worst (especially when you have to pee).

  • The Chippewa Falls crash site has gotten no easier to drive past with the passing of time. :(

  • The Beatles song, Day in the Life, perfectly matches the timing of the beat of my blinker. I had to change lanes multiple times just to test it out.

  • I do not like Sweet and Salty Trail Mix by Chex. Blah.

  • I laughed my a$$ off and thought of Jane when I drove past exit 69. How immature are we, dear? :o) ROFL!!!

  • Jane and Louie's idea of rustic is no where near that of my own. If it includes linen table clothes, linen napkins, wait people pouring every glass of wine from your bottle and market priced items on the menu? it's not rustic! Thank you both for a wonderful weekend. Give my hairy and slobbery new beau a huge hug for me.

Head over here to see a few photos from the great occasion. Hopefully you'll see some from the rest of the Divas posted there soon, too!

Divas and one Divo!

Playing in my head: Eight Days a Week from the Fab Four


I said I had work to do...

But I told Ms. Dalene that I was doing this last night, so I better get to it!

I don't think I've ever mentioned the ACS Navigator program out here before and for that, I believe I've been remiss.

I have heard so many great stories about how much the Navigators and/or the 800 number (800.ACS.2345) to the ACS helpline have helped friends and families of a newly diagnosed cancer patient in some way. So I think it is of critical importance to get the word out about their programs.

What is a Navigator?

American Cancer Society Navigators act on behalf of those affected by cancer in every community to identify and obtain beneficial resources. Navigators offer free, confidential assistance to cancer patients and those who care for them. Navigators are trained to listen to you, learn your needs and put together a plan of action that is tailor-made just for you. On the web, just click on www.cancer.org for up-to-the-minute information about American Cancer Society programs, services and events in your community.

What can a Navigator do for you?
  • Provide extensive cancer information
  • Assist in locating local and national resources
  • Arrange for durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers and beds
  • Coordinate transportation and lodging
  • Connect you with wigs, hats and prostheses resources
  • And so much more…
If you or someone you know has cancer, a single toll-free call to 1.800.ACS.2345 will put you in touch with your American Cancer Society. Trained Cancer Information Specialists are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are calling during business hours, ask to speak directly to your local Navigator.

It's a great program helping cancer patients and their families every day. And another great thing about it? It's one of the things that your dollars are helping when you are donating to me and my team with this whole Relay For Life thing I'm always squacking at you about. So if you are wondering what I'm doing with that money I'm asking for with this year round fundraising with the running and the truffles and the knitting/crocheting and hot dogs/brats stands and whatever else I've got up my sleeve throughout the year? This Navigator thing is one of them. Along with the research, of course. But this is such a great direct help that I've personally seen helping my friends, so I want to promote it out there to the bigger world. So Dalene? Run with it and push it to the Really Big World. :)

800.ACS.2345 Use it if you need it. 24 hours. They know what they're talking about. If you have questions, they'll find answers.

And if you ever need info and just don't feel like talking to a live person, in taking some time to look around the ACS online website today (again - www.cancer.org), that has come a long way over the past couple of years, as well. It's got a whole lotta information connected with it these days.

Those darned photos of that one kid...

I created a couple of collages of that one kid a couple of evenings ago. The first one I went through and picked out a bunch of photos, created it, hit the create button, did some shuffling to get it sort of how I wanted it and then...

it disafreakinpeared.

So I had to created another one. But when it happened I had to go through and select the photos all over again because the software tossed them all back into the mix of thousands of photos again. This was a frustrating experience!

So I spent another hour or so doing it over.

The next day when I jumped out into the software and looked, they were both there. Now I want to have one of them printed and I can't decide which I like better. So let's take a vote.

Which collage do you like better.

Letter A? original collage

Letter B? collage redeux

They are very similar, I know. But they each have their merits because of subtle differences.

Click to embiggen...

Now I have a day's worth of work to do before I head out in the morning to spend a weekend with my Incredible Internet Diva Friends! Yeehaw! The only thing that could make this weekend better would be if more of them would be able to make it. :(

Playing in my head: Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch (from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack)


She hates all of this attention...

But I don't care. :)

The portfolio has been approved! Props to Keli! She'll know by mid-week next week if she's been accepted...

Anybody wanna see how her Capote is coming along these days? *feeling like showing off now...*

Capote's current look

Playing in my head: We Built This City by Jefferson Starship (because it is the song that wouldn't die... dogdamnit)

Send your best intentions!

In just a couple of hours I'm off to the big city to take Keli to her number one choice art school where she will have her first interview and they will review her portfolio for consideration of acceptance to their program. I'm not really very worried that she will get in. I'm more worried about my driving in the big city. *laughs*

I don't think I've ever been there and not made a wrong turn. I hate driving there. Too many one way streets! Wish me luck! (and feel free to wish Kel luck, too! I know she'd appreciate it...)

Playing in my head: Something to Talk About from Bonnie Raitt


See these totally awesome steps I'm using to basically walk down on the side of the wall from one of my trips to New Mexico last summer? So amazing. They are ancient! This was a favorite place to visit out there - Tsankawi - and when we got Keli out there, we insisted she go out and wander because we knew that she would love it, too (which she did). I am missing all of my photos from that day of our trip with her.

I could scream.


Playing in my head: Just for Now from Imogen Heap


Maybe I should change my name...

Dude, you.are.killing.me.

woah dude. don't you ever complain about not having pictures of me again.

Or perhaps someone already did without telling me?

Whichever. It's okay.

When I was in second grade I traded names with the girl who sat in front of me. We just decided we liked each other's names better than our own and decided to go by the other's. I wrote her name on my paper and she wrote mine. The teacher somehow knew that mine was hers and hers was mine, if that makes any sense. So now you can call me Keri or you can call me Dude. I answer to either. And I call my daughter Dude, too. It's a universal name. Brandon is Dude, too. How we can tell each other apart, I'll never know. ;o)

Playing in my head: Tongue-Tied from Aqualung


For Karen's Aunt Jackie and Obligatory Superbowl Post

OKA: Everybody's Doin' it so Why Shouldn't I?

Yes, even I watched the Superbowl yesterday. Well, half of it. It was the first football I watched all season, I think. Did I catch any Packers earlier this year? I can't really recall. There may have been one game very early. It was pretty darned unmemorable if I did. But late last week I received an invitation to a Superbowl party at my birthday buddy Butch's house (and his lovely wife Lois, of course). Shocking as it was to members of my family to hear that I would be attending a football party, I decided to attend. I mean, food, friends, farkeling possibilities, maybe even some terrific live music, who could refuse?

Well, most of (if not all) the house was cheering for Seattle so we were all pretty disappointed in the game. The commercials (4 mil plus? Seriously?) weren't as impressive as they should have been for the price they paid for their spots in my opinion. But maybe that's because they didn't have any money left to pay for the ads themselves by the time they finished paying for the advertising space. heh. I haven't heard much about this subject today, though.

And the Stones? Well, they're still moving around out there, I guess. And who ever actually sounds good in a football stadium? Well, besides U2? ;)

So today I wandered quickly through the MOA - That's the Mall of America for those of you not acquainted with the shorthand... Yes, it is possible to wander quickly through the biggest mall in the states. Is it the biggest in the world anymore? I kind of think not, but I'm not sure. I understand they are adding on to it so it will be again or something. Nearby they are working on the largest indoor waterpark. How exciting is that? (not very in my opinion, but...) I had something to return and so did my mom, so we drove over there to accomplish that feat. Parked on the opposite side of the mall to get a little exercise and dashed over and back to do it. And we didn't buy a thing. That's pretty big news! Hard to believe but true.

And now I'll be heading down to school to pick up Kel. This is a busy week for her. She will be interviewing with her number one choice art school later this week. We have several things to accomplish before then. No farkeling around for us...

Today's mileage is for Karen's Aunt Jackie... This is what my blog-buddy Robert (Karen's husband) has to say about her:

Jackie has cancer in multiple places, including the liver. She is already a cancer survivor, for which she has a new head of hair, thanks to the chemo on her last bout. She will be going to Sloan Kittering soon. Jackie is one of those people you always remember, and everyone should have an Aunt Jackie. She loves country music. She travels all over the country. She is quite soft spoken, but very charming. One of her personality quirks (which I'm sure irritates more people than it charms - thankfully, I'm charmed by it) is that, once you get her talking, the conversation will sequentially go off in various directions. Talk to her about a movie, for instance, and that will lead to other movies, which will then turn to remembered movie houses, then to a friend with whom she went to a certain movie, which gets her going on her friend's children, and...well, you know what I mean. Now, almost all conversations of a friendly nature will take such twists and turns; with her, however, all these turns will occur with a timespan of about 60 to 90 seconds. I've become notorious in Karen's family for seeding these conversational ramblings.

This one's for you, Jackie...

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 117.5
Still to go for goal: 382.5

Playing in my head: Start Me Up from Mick and Keith and the rest of the boys


For my aunt...

I've been struggling with how to write this post. I've sat down to do it about a billion times it seems. The wording always seems completely wrong. I keep getting so emotional. And that's not a bad thing. It just makes for difficult reading. And difficult writing to be honest. So I'm going to just state a few facts. "Just the facts ma'am." Keep it straight up for now. I'm sure there will be a lot of time to get personal about it later. But for now? Just a couple of bare minimum facts. As I know them. I still need to talk with my cousins. That would help, I think.

She has cancer. Lung and bone. Not good. She's a strong woman. I've yet to call a team meeting of the brain trusters. I need to talk with the main man about this, too. But I'm thinking... a team dedicated to a specific person. This person is deep in the middle of it. We could be dedicated to her this year.

I ran for her on Thursday. My strong Aunt. Smooches to you, dear. I love you.

Thursday's miles: 4.5
Total so far: 114
Still to go for goal: 386

And the mileage for Fr. Peter's run from Wednesday was as follows:

Wednesday's miles: 4
Total so far: 109.5
Still to go for goal: 390.5

Playing in my head: Photograph from Nickelback (thanks, J - first they play it all of the time on the radio so that it is forever in my head and then you tell me you are going to the concert which reminds me of it being stuck forever in my head and reintroduce this earworm!)


A new battle...

I learned late last night that there is a new warrior in the battle fighting cancer. Fr. Peter baptized Keli and buried more than a few of my friends and family during his tenure as priest of the local catholic church. Bone cancer will be one of his bigger battles in this lifetime, but he is a worthy adversary. Today's run will be for him.

Today's miles: TBD
Total so far: 105.5
Still to go for goal: 394.5

Playing in my head: Clarity by John Mayer