Scarves! Snow! Santa Fe!

Farkling around with scarves... Here are the current scarves for sale. Dalene, the teal that I talked about working on back when I last mentioned it is complete and is pictured here at about 8 pm, but as you can see, it looks less teal than the one that is near 6 pm (but I believe that is just the photo). In the photo taken a couple of days ago, the 6 pm one isn't finished, but I have since completed it. If you are interested in any of the scarves, please email me for pricing as they all have a varying amount of yarn and will therefore vary in price. They are soft and fuzzy and warm! :) And don't cost nearly what those in Santa Fe did.

Okay, I have been a little busy with things since the return from the trip, but not that busy. I just haven't been writing. I have been trying to get caught up with some Relay Online stuff and caught up with friends in town for the holidays and spending my new gift certificate at the coffee shop (thanks mom and dad!) and caught up with the holiday letters that didn't go out on time but trying to get them out before the postage rates go up and caught up with mileage (that reminds me, I still need to update that last post).

I have a committee meeting this week. And I might be doing some training for Team Captains at the computer lab at one of the schools this month if there is any interest in that so I'll need to get prepared for that, too. I hope there is interest because the same teams who signed up last year are the ones signing up this year and we won't be the top online team in the state again this year if we don't grow our Relay.

I haven't even made an offer to dip truffles for the truffle queen this week so I want to do that, too. I'm having lunch with my Gray Street buddy today. (Hi sweetie!)

Sure would be nice if I could get these to stay attached to each other and line up properly...
snow puffsWe've had some serious snow, but last night and today it is raining and the weather has been above freezing for a couple of days, so that snow is taking a walk. I took a few photos. This one needed to be captured because I love that every bit of grass has a big puff of snow on it.

out backThe front yard and front corner of the house.

This is out in back of our place. It was just piling up and piling up that day. But at the time there was a break in the action.

And finally, a couple of my favorite shots from Bandelier.

This one, because Keli was running the camera and took it to get a shot of the great foot paths worn by the ancient people who lived in Tsankawi.Tsankawi

And this one because Keli let me take her photo without ducking. :) Beautiful girl

This is a beautiful sculpture outside our hotel with the luminaria atop the building in the background. The city was breathtaking every night lit up like this.Santa Fe

Playing in my head: Breaking Me by Johnny Lang

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