no more of this farkeling around...

Okay, okay. Vacation mode is over. Time to stop farkeling around and get back into gear around here. Enough slacking!

Jeremy the boss is cracking the whip with Relay work for me to do (yeah, right. Such a harsh taskmaster is he. We should all work for such tough and difficult people *cough*wink*cough). Anyway, I have a couple of projects to work on for online fundraising so thank Dog I can work at the coffee shop where the computers are superfast and the music is fine and the fire is always burning. Gotta watch out for that knife-wielding proprietor, though - she can slice a mean vegetable! ;)

Jen and Dalene? Your scarves are ready to go. When I took them to the post office on Monday to mail them, half of the town had turned out to stand in line ahead of me. I wondered if I had missed some announcement of the changing of tax day or something, but no - it was just the rate change on postage. I turned around and left. I didn't have time to wait. Soon. Later today, probably.

Heard from an old class mate yesterday. She's trying to drum up a Girls' Night Out for the end of this month. Wish I still had the original email from her because I would like to see who all she invited. I'm trying to decide if I should attend. Perhaps if I can convince Hutch. I'm still waiting to hear on her verdict. It's a long drive for her, but she could spend the night with me! Or have a sleepover at her sister's I would bet. Sister D lives even closer to the evening's venue than I do. Could be a hoot, Hutch! Eh?

Okay. I wrote a little. Getting back into the swing of things. Later? When I have looked for my notes from the craft fair? I'll spend some time writing about the wonderful people that I met there.

But for now, yesterday's run was for a newer friend from the coffee shop. He's called Butch and he's a quiet, understated man with a twinkle in his eye and some surprisingly quick wrist action - something you'd see on a guy who knows his way around a Vegas craps table. He doesn't look the type, but seriously? I'm beginning to wonder.

Butch is going through chemo treatments for cancer of the esophagus, but you'd never know it. He is uncomplaining and always ready to join his wife Lois at the coffee house and beyond. I'm waiting with crossed fingers to hear how his most recent scans looked. Please send out your best thoughts and prayers for my new friend, Butch. All my best to you, Butch! (Even though you do keep beating me at games at the coffee shop... I think you are a ringer! ;) )

Tuesday's miles: 4.5
Total so far: 94.5
Still to go for goal: 405.5

Playing in my head: Another Little Hole by Aqualung

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