Girls' Night Out

I had a busy weekend. That is good, I suppose. Being busy forces me to keep moving despite the fact that the rains on Saturday brought with them a migraine, which can be typical with the change in pressure. Friday evening was a blur. I guess that was the night I met up with my cousin while Keli did the pep band thing.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early (which I heard about, believe me...) because I had a bit of a drive to reach my Relay Community College destination by the registration time and first there was the dropping off of Keli at her Saturday destination, filling the car with gas and filling the Keri with some coffee so I was prepared for a day of learning and sharing.

I have to go on just a little bit here about what a terrific group of people we have working at our local office of the ACS. They only had five hours of presentation time on Saturday, but they managed to fill it with tons of information. And they even made it fun by turning a portion of it into a game show (complete with a beautiful Vanna and Pat Sajac?), giving away bunches of prizes, and feeding us the always edible - pizza. They covered how to make our Relays bigger, better, fresher, more fun and more inviting for Survivors, how to keep teams and recruit new teams and bring back teams that may have taken some time off. They also showed a new ACS video. It included a bit about the Blog for Hope, co-sponsored by Yahoo and ACS.

Health, Blog for Hope focuses on cancer prevention and early detection by stressing the importance of changing bad habits to reduce risk, knowing treatment options, and adopting healthy lifestyles. You can help the American Cancer Society pursue its ultimate goal -- the elimination of cancer -- by making a donation to support programs for research, education, advocacy, and service.

Afterwards it was time for the drive back to the old hometown in the gloomy rain with the migraine which had by then come on full force. Mom had a yummy dinner fixed by the time I arrived, which was really a nice perk. Keli and Brandon and I then headed to a play. It was a musical comedy, but we really considered leaving during the intermission. We typically can do a lot more laughing just the three of us outside of that play. When we finally left afterwards we were wishing that we had. It wasn't the worst play ever done at the local playhouse, but it was certainly far from the best. I did get a few chuckles.

From there we dropped off B at home and then stopped for drinks at the coffee house where there was some loud farkeling going on! And then we went home for some sleep.

Sunday morning brought the discovery that the rain had changed over to ice and snow. Needing to get the car out of the driveway so it could be properly cleaned I headed to the coffee house (what a shock, eh?) for a caramel macchiato to see if the caffeine could assist in the beating back of my headache. No. Such. Luck. Ran to the pharmacy for the prescription meds which do that job. (Unfortunately a rebound headache plagues me today.)

In the afternoon it was off to Anonybro's to spend some time visiting a couple of nieces who've recently had birthdays.

I actually got to participate in my own bit of farkeling after that. The headache was gone for the time being and Keli was visiting with Brandon watching a movie at his house, so I spent some time with friends, too.

And tonight? Yes, tonight is Girls' Night Out with the girls from high school! Women I haven't seen for over 20 years! I'm really looking forward to it. Some of us are riding together and it should be a fun time. Even without the Hutchmeister. (We're gonna miss you, Hutch!)

I'm hoping to bring back photos, too!

Playing in my head: Busted Stuff by Dave Matthews Band

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