Friends rock...

I am so very grateful for all of my friends.

  • The Divas sometimes keep my world rotating.

  • And Cari sometimes is my world.

  • Meeting Mystical Marge every week for writing practice helps keep me focused on what's real.

  • Jen did something very concrete for me this week. And then turned around and tried to do a second rock solid concrete thing for me that would have also helped her out. I'm only sorry I couldn't have assisted her with that one because of other things going on. :(

  • Trish sent me the cuddliest, smooshiest new buddy ever. He's my new sidekick and I meant to snap his photo riding around with me today, but I didn't have the camera along like I usually do... (feeling scattered) Photo posted soon! He is so handsome, he deserves to be in pictures!

  • Robert bought his beautiful wife the gift of a scarf which will benefit the ACS and our Relay Team's fundraising...

  • ...and sent an email that broke my heart open.

  • Hutch sent me an email which brought me tears of immense gratitude...

  • ...as did Michael,

  • and Zoofy.

  • Kel is my best friend most of the time. I cannot believe the times this young woman can make me laugh in the face of whatever is going on. She proves that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Yep. Thank dog for friends.

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