sunshine and happiness...

I'm under mandate to post something upbeat and happy.

*takes breath... straightens back... puts on happy face*

So Kel is doing some amazing things right now. I almost don't want to write about it because it is so cool that I don't want to torque her jaw by writing about it and get her bent out of shape because she doesn't like it when it sounds like I'm bragging about her. But that's my right. She has had a certain bit of talent for sketching and art since she was a pretty young tot.

For example, when other kids were drawing stick figures, she was looking at our National Geographic magazines and picking out detailed photos of chimpanzees or other animals that interested her and doing fairly wonderful likenesses by glancing back and forth a few times. When she was a pre and early teen, she was taking photos of herself as a baby or other family members and sketching these to give as gifts much to the delight of her parents and grandparents because of the accuracy.

Since high school started, she didn't have much time to concentrate on this particular talent because of her focus on academics, but this term, she has taken some time for art. She has two independent studies where she is working on a portfolio with an art teacher so she will have something put together for application to art school next month.

In the past few weeks, even I have been able to see the change in her abilities. Her techniques have improved incredibly with every drawing she has done. It is amazing to behold. I wish that I had the opportunity to snap a photo of each finished piece, but they get grabbed up by the art department each time she completes one. Here is one that I was able to photograph before it disappeared. This is an early piece from this term. There have been a few done since this one and each becomes more and more beautiful. (I thought John Steinbeck from her Authors Series for the English Department was going to step out of the portrait and speak to me.)Kel's artwork

In the meantime, I am having some fun intermixed with the work on sales stuff. I've decided to do some knitting (which always made me feel like I had two left hands or like I was all thumbs... I discovered a secret - wooden needles - they are magic!). I'm working with some beautiful yarn which is all sparkly and feathery and I can actually knit! There was one made and now sent to my aunt in Seattle from it in an off white, and now I'm making one in a beautiful deep purple (Power of Purple, baby). I started one in red with the crochet hook and I'll continue that one later, but for now, I'm going to keep on with this one until finished because I'm having so much fun.

(Scarves still available in photo include deep purple and brown tweed. Will snap latest and greatest as soon as available!)

I also am creating one in a multi-colored teal, but I dropped a couple of stitches and until I can find someone (Mom or Kathy) with some time at the same time as me to pick them back up again, I'll have to set that one aside for a bit. Picking up stitches in knitting is nothing like crochet. It's a beast! And not something I can do myself this first time. I probably could if I could actually find the little suckers, but...

As of two weeks ago, these were the mittens from Beanie that I still had left for sale:

Now? There are two pair left (yellow and the pair opposite). They are selling like hotcakes! Get 'em while you can! (Seriously, if interested in either of the two available, let me know.)

Finished stockings!And finally, I finished the family of Christmas stockings! Woohoo!!! And in time for Christmas...

I haven't gotten to spend much time with the girls for girls' nights, so there isn't any fun events there to report. But pretty niece J is dating K's boyfriend B's twin brother A... How's that for some fun news? ;) If I had a photo, I'd post it, but I'm afraid I don't.

Here's Jena, though. A little blurry, but lovely all the same...

Playing in my head: Day-o! ???

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