Stolen from Bluegrass Mama

Because she can't have all the fun!

Post the first line from your first post each month in 2005.

January: It's very hard to blog with a dog in your arms.

February: It came here from Ken, who got it from Cindra.

March: *yawn* I really didn't want to run today.

April: We've had a busy weekend around here of preparing Keith for New Mexico and listening to Keli's wonderful stories of Japan.

May: How many of you loved this show like I did when I was a kid?

June: Interesting.

July: Notes from Nebraska.

August: Here we are at the Angry Trout in Grand Marais (featured on tv this week by Jason Davis - On the Road, apparantly) before our lovely dinner the first evening...

September: Having a busy weekend.

October: In a past life (a meme)

November: Morale not as high as usual for a first day, but not bad.

December: Once again, it just goes to show that I'm a selfish, selfish girl.

Play along!

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