prayers for a family

You came through before and now I need you to come through again... Ljubo (Video Lou) passed away today and now his family needs your prayers and warmest thoughts for their comfort. Please hold them in your heart as they go through this difficult time. It's hard for me to see his grandchildren at the coffee shop tonight with their swollen and red eyes. Poor sweethearts.

They are some of the dearest and most giving people I've met. My thoughts are with Vida, away from her husband and children at this most painful loss of her father. Sending you strength, dear one...

Today I ran for John P. He is again going through some aggressive treatment as things are rapidly spreading for him. We had tickets tonight for a Christmas Concert here in town that we have gone to for years. It wouldn't have been the same without John up there singing. I'm glad Keith wasn't able to get back to town for it due to work. I'm grateful to miss it this year. Love and comfort to John and his family members, so many of which I know from growing up here in this town, and from my work on the committee.

Cancer is being a vicious beast around here this holiday season. I find it difficult to be jolly as Christmas approaches.

Today's miles: 3
Total so far: 70.45
Still to go for goal: 429.55

Playing in my head: classical stuff playing at three hats

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