Life experiences...

Once again it just goes to show that I'm a selfish, selfish girl. I swear I only get/stay involved in things for what I get out of them, I think.

The craft sale over the past two days involved a lot of work. It also involved a lot of time sitting on my butt waiting for people to show up and hopefully buy things. So we'd earn more money for our Relay team. It also involved trying to stay awake. It involved getting up early in the morning and sitting in the cold hospital hallway because we were so close to the front entry doors and we sat right beside these floor to ceiling windows that stretched the length of the hallway. And just outside those windows? It was snowing. Practically constantly. I'm just glad my back was to them. I hate winter.


(here comes the silver lining part where I get something out of it, because I'm selfish like that...)

I met so many incredible people and heard so many incredible stories because I was there wearing my ACS shirt and my "Ask me About the Relay For Life" sticker. And I was there with my Relay For Life calendar displayed and had one of our new Join Us in the Fight Against Cancer yard signs, won earlier in the week when my team was one of the first five that had ten or more people registered online before the Team Captains' kickoff (because my team ROCKS!)

I saw people I knew but hadn't seen for a while and picked up a few hugs. I learned of a few new people with cancer :( who I will be adding to the Inspiration list and running for in the coming days. I heard stories of pain and sorrow, stories of inspiration and even stories of miracles. All of this during a two day craft fair.

Overall? It was a fantastic experience. Much more than a craft fair. Much more. I hope to share it with you in the coming days.

But first I have to catch up on some Relay Online Fundraising Committee work and put some truffles in the mail!

Here is our committee at the meeting earlier this week with awards we brought home from Relay University in early November...

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