I'm baaaack...

Hope your holidays have been very happy. I spent my Christmas in Santa Fe and just returned last night. It wasn't nearly so warm as I'd hoped it would be. The wind was blowing almost constantly, but it wasn't a warm desert wind. The sun did shine, however... If you stayed out of the shade you could keep a decent bit of warmth.

I don't have the attachment for my camera with me to download any of the photos so I can't show you any of the fun right now, but I'll add those soon.

We spent some time hiking in Tsankawi (part of Bandelier National Monument) again and I finally got Keli out there. She loved it and found the unexcavated areas with their old (to put it mildly) broken pottery some of the most fascinating as I do.

There was only one celebrity sighting made (in my favorite jewelry store!), but I was completely oblivious until after the fact when told about it. I should have recognized his voice, but that didn't even trigger it for me. I suppose I would do well in one of these star-studded parts of the country since I am so oblivious most of the time. I wouldn't be wandering about running into things from the distractions of these sightings.

We stayed at a beautiful place with terrific service. I'm still not thrilled by valet parking (even after five days of coming and going to get used to it), but... whatever. Everything was top-notch about the place.

And all of you interested in the scarves we're now cranking out again? I've gotta tell you that we're really giving you a deal. I saw scarves exactly like some of the ones we're making that in Santa Fe you have to pay $125 to buy! Location, location, location...

Need to get a few things done now before heading to lunch with the Gray Street girls. You all have a fantastic Thursday and I'll update photos and mileage later.

Gray Street Girls

Santa Fe miles: 12
Total so far: 86.5
Still to go for goal: 413.5

Playing in my head: Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You) by Aqualung

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