Baby It's Cold Outside...

I don't think it ever got above 0 today. And the windchill? Don't even talk to me about windchills. Winter has definitely returned to Wisconsin. We woke up to minus 9 this morning. It was the first minus temperature since January 24. Unbelievable.

And what was I doing today? Was I sitting inside by a cozy fire you ask?

Oh no. I left the house at 7 am and didn't return until 9 pm.

My day went something like this:

  • After a late night of laughter at historical blogposts and funnies out in Michael's archives, Kel and I managed to wake up on time this morning because I put a new battery in the alarm clock before bed last night. Yay me. (score one for the mom).

  • I took Keli to school and headed north for coffee.

  • I then went to Anonybro's to exchange truffles for truffle innards which I proceeded to take to the parents' house for dipping and decorating.

  • I then headed back to Keli's school to pick her up and we headed to Stillwater for her dentist appointment. (The dentist and hygenist were thrilled to take a box of truffles each off my hands. Some of you who are longer-term readers know of my love for our dentist. *sigh* Well I learned today that she is leaving that practice. You all know that when you find a dentist you like, it's a Big. Deal. So this was tragic news. I may be in shock a while. I have had some traumatic experiences with dentists. This was difficult to take today.)

  • We then traveled back to the old hometown where I stopped at the UPS store and delivered some more truffles.

  • From there it was back to the parents' house where we boxed truffles and hung out a while.

  • Next it was off to Keli's school again because she was due there for pep band (basketball game) and I traveled to a local craft store on a yarn excursion, then headed north for coffee and crochet while the basketball game ensued.

  • At about that time I went back to the school and a mere two minutes short of that destination received a call that she was ready for my pickup.

  • We then headed home to collapse of exhaustion (and at our computers), mini chocolate-chip cookies at hand. (thanks daughter!)

My eyes are drying out in their sockets because it is now so warm and dry in this house. TMI?

Must get my lenses pulled out.

Going to dip more truffles tomorrow! They went so well today, we are bound to rock and roll tomorrow. The system is coming together... Note to self: Tell BCTruffles that we need more red coloring after the tipping fiasco in the cardboard box last time. :) Reminded me of bloody shark, Barbie Doll and GI Joe ocean incident when Grandma Lilah was babysitting us. Green shag carpet... pink slippers... Anonybro - any recollections of this incident or are you pleading the fifth?

Playing in my head: Merry Christmas Darling by The Carpenters

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