Sharing a laugh

Well, as I said earlier, Keli had her final marching band event ever over the past weekend. The band had its big fund raiser when it performed its State Championship field show in the gymnasium of the high school (always a fun time to watch - miniaturized and casual) and an auction, both silent and live, of various items donated by families and business in town.


This is also the event where seniors are given gifts of humorous significance only to fellow students and sometimes the directors, sometimes homemade. Seniors also traditionally wear goofy socks rather than their marching shoes. They don't wear the hat part of the uniform so parents can easily find them on the floor and get photos. And after all of that, each section comes out and performs a special salute they've made up that has significance for them. Plus there is a dinner thrown into the mix and the tv's in the commons have a video recording of the State performance, so people who didn't make it down there can see how it looked. All in all, it lasts several hours and is an evening filled with laughter and fun, with a few tears and melancholy on the side. Here is one of my favorite from a new group of photos I got of Keli and Kelsey from that evening... Mellos Rule! ;)

The final event of the evening with the latest director being one well studied in marshal arts, has become a tradition. When he came on board, he told the kids that for every first place award they received in caption awards or titles, he would break a brick at the end of the year ceremony. Well, with the improvements they have made throughout the years, this has become quite the challenge! This year, our kids earned 17 first place awards!

He had a little help breaking those bricks that night
since he couldn't do them all himself.

DSC03954There was a student who helped...

And then - there was a fellow director. Who helped in his own way... :)

And finally, Mr. C himself finished off the rest of the bricks... Didn't quite make it with his bare hands - Well there were ten of them left! He got through seven with his hands and then kicked lightly through the last three... Everybody loved it, though.

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