My new blogging buddy Trish beat me to the punch blogging this because I've had a busy weekend already, but I wanted to make sure I got some mention of it in, even if it is only for two minutes while I'm sitting on the bare floor of Keith's new apartment while I wait for him to fill out the condition report before we head out of here...

My Diva friend Beanie, who hales from Wisconsin like me and was one of the loverlies that I got to meet in Chicago some years back during the "Great Internet Diva Meet-Up and Shopping Experience", has joined in my fundraising efforts. Not only was she my very first donor online with this new campaign (smooches, dear!), but now she has (as you can read on her new blog) decided to donate the gorgeous mittens she has been working so hard at knitting, to the Relay craft fair that I'll be working this week! They'll be arriving any day at my place and I'm watching for them in earnest because she sent me the most incredible photograph last night showing me which pair she'd been knitting for me. Of course, I'm going to purchase those for myself! :)

Beanie, you are incredible. Of course, I've always known this. Thank you so much. My eyes have stopped leaking finally.

Back to my stocking work! Wish I'd brought the camera cable with me. I've taken some photos tonight...

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