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Every day I seem to meet people through this incredible thing called the internet. And everyday I'm amazed by how completely cool everyone is. Several years ago I met a group of women that I have remained friends with all this time. We are like sisters. We managed to grow in our technical skills from posting messages to a bulletin board that we didn't know from one day to the next if it would be working or even still in existence (we finally got smart and exchanged emails, just in case!), to being savvy enough to creating websites and blogs of our own and really having a fun online presence. One of our group is even meeting with members of her country's parliament to teach them how to best utilize the world wide web! Girl Geeks RULE!

And the introductions to such incredible people just continue... A few months ago or so, this Michael person ;) started commenting every once in a while out here. And when I started reading his blog and commenting over there, I wondered if I had ever met a more positive and upbeat person anywhere. And extremely generous, too. You could read that in the stories that he had to tell. Well, we kept in contact and since he had some experiences in his own family and friend history with the whole cancer thing, he thought he would get my story out there a little more (see how generous he is?). So he asked what I thought of the idea of an interview. How could I turn that idea down? You can read it here. Thank you so much, Michael!

And Trish, a new contact volunteering with the ACS world thought it was a good idea, too! So she thought she'd get the word even further and with Michael's permission, she published it on her site as well. Thanks, Trish!

And then there's Katie... Katie the Wonder Woman of Turkey. She read the interview and realized with chagrin that I hadn't even told Michael about the truffles! How could I neglect the truffles??? :) So she told him. If you are a regular reader of mine and you have not yet gone surfing down what has become, I'll admit, an intimidating blogroll, please go visit Katie. She is most fascinating having her daily adventures in Istanbul.

I'm off. I have a class to attend. So I can be a better Online Fundraising Chair for my Relay. Because we again want to be the top Online Relay in the state of Wisconsin!!! Go us...

I added another link to my inspirations, too. Please visit Donna. She is blogging her cancer journey. She could use your support and prayers.

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