I have got to get more disciplined.

Weekends are my downfall. Words added to the NaNo - 0
Miles added to the total for the run - 0

Especially weekends with fun in the mix.

But there has to be fun in life, right?

RIGHT? Who's with me here?

I was privileged to be invited to attend this year's Relay University for the State of Wisconsin this past weekend. I think my invitation was twofold, really. One reason came from my having been the Online Fundraising Chair for the Hudson Relay and we were presented with a terrific surprise (well, to me anyway... Was I not paying attention, or was somebody out there keeping me in the dark intentionally, I don't know. It could be either. I'm a little befuddled at times, really...) of being the top in online donations for the state... Actually we weren't the VERY top. There was a college team that had us whipped with that, but they took top youth team. :) The second reason I was invited was simply that I was the captain of a platinum award winning fundraising team (meaning we earned over $10,000 in donations last year).

At any rate, I had a great time and got motivationally pumped up to kick things off all over again this year to make it another great Relay for 2006! And I'm ready to go work at ACS anytime they want me. I took my oldest friend. (okay, okay - I'll clarify... by oldest I mean friend I've had the longest. I'm actually older. There! Happy now? ;) ). Zoofy, we roomed together but I didn't need a mirror. We had lots of laughs and I think I have her convinced to join the committee! wheeeee!

I'm still compiling my notes, but I may do a little posting about R.U. on my team site later. In the meantime... there are always the pictures of things like the indoor luminaria ceremony!

I was only able to attend one of the breakout sessions - Online Fundraising (of course - what else?) because I had to get back early for Keli's final marching event ever. *sniffle* But that was another wonderful part of the weekend - great fun, great people and great music. (and great money spent)...

More photos coming to flickr... be watching!

Keli babe

Playing in my head: Music from State again Imagine that!?

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