Funky Fireworks they have in New Mexico...

DSCN0158I think someday we should take a few of these to a really good print shop and have them ginormicized or something. Into big posters. The little prints don't really do them justice. I like them on the flat screen computer where they glow nicely, though. As long as they are larger. Choosing a favorite is impossible for me. I like to look at all of them on slideshow. Especially with music.

This one
is coolest at it's largest. Of course, this one is pretty hard to beat with a butterfly in the family.

Do be certain to click on the little ones to embiggen so their beauty can be enjoyed more fully.

DSCN0159Small photos don't give you enough details. Especially on this particular shot. You can't see the etherial sea horses floating through the black sky at all in a small shot...

DSCN0097I've no idea how we got this shot all squigly, but I like it that way!

DSCN0613I've finished a Christmas stocking for one of the orders that I need to complete (minus the name to protect the gift-giver). Two photos provided because the first one looked a little extra two-dimensional and flat. I've done a bunch of housecleaning. I've done some grocery shopping and gotten some car maintenance done on one of the cars (to the tune of over $600!) and gotten to drive a sporty and bright red Dodge Neon in the meantime. (Couldn't tell ya if there was a Hemi in it, but it could move!) I'm accomplishing good things and getting out here for bits of time (not enough, but some). And I even got a few miles logged, even if I'm not posting them. I'll update that soon.

Tuesday we have a Relay Team Captains' Kickoff, which means I'll need to be ready to cheer about the Online fundraising site and get them using it. I've been doing some of that via emails, but this needs to be more hands on with pictures and tools and a computer so they can actually see how easy it is.

Playing in my head: by Aqualung

I found the Guilty Displeasures music discussion over at Rude Cactus's place this week fascinating and fun, by the way! Great topic, Chris!

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