For Video Lou, who needs your prayers...

Yesterday was a banner day for us. It was another year declared healthy for Keith. He went on a ride through the MRI tube and when he came out the other side we spent a few hours twiddling our thumbs wandering around campus and waiting for the follow-up doctor appointment. Then we visited with the neuro-oncologist who gave him the all-clear for another twelve months.

Each year that passes, we breathe another sigh of relief. This year was no different than the last three in that respect. One might think it gets a little easier. But it doesn't. It just gets a little more distant.

I think I've written before about how with brain tumors you don't get a total all-clear after five years the way you do with other cancers. They're weird animals in that respect. They can return at any time and often do. So every year that goes by and we get that clean scan, we are extremely grateful for. It's one more year Keli has her dad around. Here she is a senior in high school when the odds looked so grim for a while that he would see her graduate. You just can't listen to those old odds-makers. What do they know, anyway?

This is one of my all-time favorite David Bailey songs because of that very message.

With permission:


Well he said I only had a year to live
I said, "Maybe so, Maybe not.
Could be that I only have tomorrow,
And who are you to tell me what I've got?"

I said "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!"

Well he said, "I'm a man who's wise and learned.
Everyday I get paid for my advice."
I said, "That's fine but I'll remind you
I'm stronger than your laboratory mice.
(Yes I am.")


He said, "Yes, but I can't ignore my numbers.
I've got a chart that spells it out in black and white."
I said, "Yes, but I see the world in color.
It kinda puts it all in a different light."


"So please be careful with the words you use.
There are those who will believe the things you say.
But you and I know both you're only guessing.
The truth is that we only have today."


So there we were just staring at each other
While the birds are outside playing in the sky.
Well I've got no time to waste but I've got lots of time to spend
And I think it's time for me to say goodbye.

So I turned and I headed for the door.
Then I turned again with one more thing to say.
"Well thank you for all the things you do now,
But remember that you only have a day."


Monday's miles and any others I do this week are for Video Lou who needs your prayers. I introduced you to him not long ago and things have been progressing rapidly for him. He was able to come up and visit Vida and her family for the week of Thanksgiving, but pain sent him to the hospital while he was here and they discovered fluid built up in his abdomen due to the rapid spread of cancer in that area. He made the journey back to his home in the Milwaukee area yesterday. Please send him and all of his family your prayers so that he may have great peace and comfort from the pain. Love to you, Vida, and safe travels as you head back down to spend time with him this week.

Monday's miles: 3
Total miles so far: 67.45
Still to go: 432.55

In my head: Keep on Walking also by david bailey

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