For Video Lou (aka Ljubo)

I'm kicking off the latest 500 Mile Journey to Nowhere by dedicating my first miles to Ljubo, who is now going through chemo for colon cancer which has metastasized to his liver. Lou is the father of a new friend of mine, Vida. She and her husband, Dan, are the owners of a brand new coffee house in my old home town called Three Hats Coffee. I am going to quote from their menu...

Imagine yourself in a cafe in Europe where friends and neighbors are gathered together amidst the fresh aroma of espresso brewing and freshly baked pastries.

Three Hats Coffee gets its name from an old-world cafe in the heart of Belgrade's (the capital of Serbia) Artistic District, where the cobblestone streets take you away from the hassle and bustle of the city, where friends and family gather to sip an espresso with freshly-made pastries!

Vida is heading down to southeast Wisconsin with her children to visit her father soon. She told me yesterday how hers was the dad who attended every dance performance she had when she was a child (sound familiar papa?) and every sporting event, videotaping every one of them. That's how he earned the nickname Video Lou. He's a very young and vibrant 73 and her description of him and how he interacts with her kids reminded me so much of my own dad! I wish him the very best with his treatments and his fight of this cancer which has claimed too many lives of too many wonderful people and I pray he'll be around to fulfill his plans to buy his grandson Alex his first car and to watch them graduate from high school and to watch them marry and have children of their own.

Today's Miles: 4.25
Total on this Journey: 4.25
Still to Go: 495.75

Playing in my head: Daydream Believer (I just had to read yesterday's post and comments before I posted this...)

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