For Richard...

Today I'm running for Richard. Some of the more keen eyed of you noticed that I joined a new blogring a few weeks back. I had seen the ring on someone else's blog and thought that since I now have a gray hair or two, I should also become one of the esteemed few among the group and so I bopped on over and had a looksee at it. While there, I also surfed among the other groups there. Big surprise that I checked out those related to the cancer sites, eh?

There happened to be a brain tumor ring and so I had a peek at those listed in it. It wasn't a big ring and it didn't take me long to go through them. Until I came to one that was done with so much love and dignity and honor. I was mesmorized. I was up late. I was caught up reading late into the night about his diagnosis, his research, his fight, his wish to keep his memory alive for his young daughter (sound familiar?), and his courage on the journey.

I signed the guestbook and finally closed the site, many tears later. What a lovely tribute to someone who was obviously cared for very deeply by his family and taken from them long before they were ready. Not long after, I received a very thoughtful email from his sister wishing us the best on our journey and thanking me for writing in the guestbook. But this is the line that opened my heart...

I love showing his daughter that people still stop to remember or learn about what a great person Richard was and will always be.

*sigh* Our Relay For Life team is up and running. I hope you will give generously again this year. I'm going for high online donations two years in a row and I want you to help me get there. Because you rock. And I want to show them that girl geeks rock too. :)

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 36.5
Still to go for goal: 463.5

NaNo update - 19,003 words as of yesterday. Today's totals not in yet because I'm going to write more since I won't be truffle dipping.

Playing in my head: She Has No Time by Keane (am NOT stuck in a rut)

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