For Andre... and stil to come...

Late last night I posted that today I'll be running for Andre. And I will. This morning as I sit here waiting to drive my own teenage daughter to school, I perused the local paper and found the following:

S* student finds out on birthday he has cancer

Todd L got bad news on his 16th birthday: His family was notified by the doctor that test results showed he had cancer.

His parents, Todd and Cheryl L, broke down. Todd L, the birthday boy, said, "I'll be fine."

Two days later, he got his driver's license. Now that was a big deal.

Last week, the matter-of-fact L said his reaction to the cancer is, "Get 'er done." In other words, treat it and move on.

A benefit is planned from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at G S's bar and restaurant in S* to raise funds to help offset medical bills that have accumulated since Todd was diagnosed with alveolar soft-part sarcoma, a rare cancer. Popular local band, The Dweebs, will perform.

You're still to come on my list of who I get to run for, Todd. And it will be soon. Happy belated birthday. Wish you'd had better news, but I can see from your attitude that you are going to do just fine with the battle ahead of you.

Playing in my head: I think it's too early for music...

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