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Quick update before bed on a late night. Many of the photos contained on this post are really fuzzy. Evening was coming on and I didn't use any flash, so the lighting was quite bad. Apologies. I still liked them too much to just trash them.

The past couple of runs I dedicate to the helpful staff who keeps the ACS running smoothly for cancer patients and their families. I'm thinking about them especially as I'm closing in on the end of this hectic week and I'll hopefully have some photos next week to explain why.

DadI'm sore from getting started with the serious running again and I'm even more sore, I think, from getting some work done around here in preparation for winter. Big thanks to my papa for the huge help he's been (as always) in that respect. I guess it was definitely time to get to some of that trimming of the foundation plantings, eh? Poor dad looks like he's being swallowed up by plants in this one. Dad...

I'm uploading some photos tonight (finally the Flickr uploadr is working for me again after pulling them one at darn file at a time for Dorothy's website last weekend. :-/)

I don't have a number for you on my NaNo for the past couple of days of writing. But know that I am still going strong and have topped the 6000 word point, so I'm still on track. The next couple of days being what they are, I may fall off a bit, but I plan to hit it hard again next week. No fear. Keli and her G-Pa

I'm exhausted and heading to bed as soon as I can get a couple of photos in here. Hope you all have a great weekend if I don't get another post online before next week. I do hope to update with a few photos here and there, though. There is one last big event for Keli on Saturday regarding her marching days, so by Sunday there should be some available for that. G'night...Keli (A kind of typical pose these days when I whip out the camera... I either get her back or a frustrated face with her mouth open saying "MOM! Stop!" or "Stop taking pictures of me!" or a hand up in front of her face or the side of her as she is whipping around trying to escape... *sigh*)

Thursday's miles: 4
Total so far: 12.25
Still to go for goal: 487.75

Wednesday's miles: 4
Total so far: 8.25
Still to go for goal: 491.75

Keli and Brandon

Keli and Brandon

Our House

Playing in my head: Another Little Hole by Aqualung

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