Last week's Girls' Night

First of all, those of you that wanted to play along with the October 3 Meme, I've done nearly all of them, just check out the comments where I finally got around to filling in the answers. Scroll down to your own requests because I edited the comments and answered them right on your requests. Thought that would be better than nearly doubling the number of comments already in there.

And before I forget, Angry Alien Productions has added a couple of movies to their base since the last time I mentioned them. The Bunnies are now starring in Highlander and War of the Worlds. Check them out! And with Halloween fast approaching, it's always fun to revisit their vast collection of spooky bunny movies, too. Help them out with their bandwidth while you are there by making a donation or buying something from their store.

Finally, in an attempt to catch up with things around here, and to honor a request from my niece who wants to see a few Girls' Night photos... (after pouring through the shots that Erin took, I see why she wants them on here - Thanks hon, you got some great shots of Aunt Keri... ;) ) Ya'll are gonna love these. As soon as I can get the flickr uploader working I'll get them on here. Stay tuned.

Picture of concentrationLast week we girls got together and put together a few jack-o-lantern sweets having many laughs at the time.

Erin makes Jack-o-Lanterns

We then had a few wicked double solitare tournaments.

And by wicked? I guess I mean I was wicked... heh. Don't let it give you nightmares. This was me getting a litte manic in my quest for a win. Which I didn't do. All evening.

Wanna Win?

As you can see, it didn't take any of the rest of them much to beat me... They calmly chatted on their phones. Keli coasted to victory in her games against me...

Or had consultations with each other... also very calmly.Calm Conversations

Gadget girl

These were the highlights. Wish I had gotten a few more snapshots of the candy pumpkin making, though.

OMG - this was a couple of days of MAJOR frustration with dial-up. I cannot believe how long it took me to get these photos online.

Playing in my head: For Good from Wicked

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