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Later we will celebrate our children's performance at state. All we can do now is mourn our dear friends from Chippewa Falls and send prayers for the families and friends of the deceased and for those still recovering from the accident.

Special memorial column about Doug Greenhalgh by Tom Arneberg.

Bus carrying students from band competition crashes, five dead

Schoch: "This is a real tragedy for our school"

Band Director, Wife, Granddaughter Among Bus Crash Victims
Mr. and Mrs. Greenhalgh

photo of Mr. and Mrs. Greenhalgh from KARE 11 website.

For any of the RF band people who might be stopping by, there is a Chippewa update site being maintained here.

Records Show Truck Driver Had License Suspended

Six people remain in the hospital in critical but stable condition. They have all had surgery and are all improving. They include one 6th-grade girl from Chippewa Falls, one high school student, three chaperones, and one teacher, Brian Collicott. Brian is the band director for grades 9-10. He had surgery on his ankle, and suffers a broken arm, broken leg, spinal injuries, and multple fractures. More surgery is scheduled; he'll be in the hospital for "quite some time." (from the CFMA info site)(Updated 6:45 am Monday 10/17...)

Mon, 10/17/05, 3:30pm -- Cassie Gast is the 6th-grade girl who is in Gillette Children's Hospital. She will probably be there for 3-4 weeks because her pelvis is broken in two places. She might be able to have visitors in a week. In the meantime, check out her journal and guestbook. (from the CFMA info site)

Mon, 10/17/05, 4:26pm -- Good news -- Jessi McIlquham is able to respond by writing notes -- and the notes had some humor in them! I just created a guestbook for Jessi -- feel free to view and sign. (from the CFMA info site)

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