Final farewell...

Endowment Fund started by Kel's band director...

Just want to post one final bit of info about the Chi-Hi tragedy.

Kel and I went to the visitation night before last to pay our respects to the Greenhalgh family and there is a bit online now about that and about the funeral that took place yesterday so I thought I'd post links here to those sites. Tom Arneberg has done an awesome job keeping everything up to date on his website and writing tributes, etc. He has also posted photos from the events for those friends and family who were unable to attend either of the unforgetable tributes.

Visitation (FYI, the song the choir sang that Tom mentions in the third paragraph was "For Good" from Wicked and it brought us all to tears... It was perfect.)


Thanks for indulging me this week on this very sad but relevant subject.

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