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Just wanted to put some updated links on here in case I'm getting any hits from RF band people to get to the Chi-Hi sites...

Main Info site for Chi-Hi updates
Guestbook for the Chi-Hi band
Scholarship Fund info in memory of the Greenhalgh family

Every time the Marching Cardinals flowed out onto the field in competition, I caught my breath because they are a huge band. And our kids always erupt in applause and cheers since they are big fans and friends.

Keli told me yesterday that she and Kels are just glad they are seniors so they don't have to go back to CF for field shows. It would be too difficult because they would be constantly looking for Mr. Greenhalgh. He was one of their biggest cheerleaders, always giving them a big peptalk, standing on the sidelines all through their performance pumping his fist in the air and clapping and yelling for them, even when his own band was set to go on soon. This was how he was at State last Saturday, too.

She grabbed what cash she had available and stuffed it in her pocket on the way out the door for school today. Said they're putting together a pool to add to the scholarship fund and she wanted to add what she could. There are a couple of busloads of band kids heading up to the memorial service tonight. It's going to be a tough one, I think.

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