Tonight was Keli's last performance at a football game and now? It's State weekend!

It is state competition weekend, which means I'm off again, but when I return I'll have answers for everyone who has commented that they wanted me to do the Meme from *gulp* October 3, new posts, new photos, and updates on where I've been the past couple of weeks... And yes, I've even finished the latest 500 miles, so I'll update the mileage, too! Stay tuned, and thanks for sticking around! See you Monday!

The soloists jamming during the final football game...Here is a photo from the final football game. The seniors get to be a little silly. They are the ones in the pink capes. :) Keli is on the right in this group of five soloists... Now on to that final State Competition!

Today's miles:
Total so far:
Still to go for goal:

Playing in my head: Collide by Howie Day

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