where there's smoke...

The first day we were hiking up in Tsankawi, the horizon and sky were the most beautiful deep blue and crystal clear. It was a perfect day. Well, both days were really. But when we drove up on Sunday, there was an ominous cloud in the north. And when we got back up on the plateau, we saw what it really was...


and this is a view toward the same horizon (approximately) from a similar location the day before...


Unfortunately that is the only photo I took of it that day. We heard later that evening on the news and the next morning that the fire had been put out, but then the next day, things looked much worse. We heard that there had actually been two wildfires, and they hadn't put out either one of them and the two had met up. That night the news was they had 0% containment now and things were pretty grim. When I drove out of town the next morning on my way south toward Santa Fe and then Albuquerque and the airport, the whole horizon was hazy and frightening. It was a sad sight. I hope things are in control now. I haven't been able to get much news about it since I have been back. A lot of people had been evacuated when I last heard.

Monday's miles: 4
Total so far: 485.75
Still to go for goal: 14.25

Playing in my head: Smoke from a Distant Fire Sanford Townsend Band

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