She's at it again!

Some of you know that 920 921 posts ago, I started this little blog upon the inspiration of this little lady who had a great idea to run 500 miles to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure (only in Marn's case, she calls it the Jog for the Jugs!). Well, Marn was my inspiration to get this whole thing going. She gave me the idea to do my own 500 miles (nearly 1500 miles ago) and utilize the blog to help raise funds for the Relay.

And now? She's doing it again! It's time once again for her annual Jog for the Jugs! Now I know that you're tapped out. You've got so many great causes asking you for donations (including me!) with Hurricane Katrina and kids going off to college and what all. But if you can see your way fit to head over and give her a hand by donating even five dollars, she and I would totally appreciate it. You can even honor someone you love and she'll add their name to her run shirt. If they are a survivor, she'll get their name on the wall of hope at the run site. It's all good, people. And she's got a Bazoonga Boosters Hall O' Fame that you won't want to miss, either. Get your names added over there for donating, as well! :)

Today's additional miles: 7 (yes, I walked!)
Total so far: 477.75
Still to go for goal: 22.25

Playing in my head: Touch of Grey by Grateful Dead

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