a poem from my kiddo...

She had an assignment for her poetry class in which she was supposed to write a little ditty in a similar format to another poem they had just studied (which already slips my mind...) and based on someone they admire. She was going to select an artist, and then on further thought realized it had to be someone they knew better because they needed to know more personal stuff about them. Tonight she came home and suddenly announced she had decided to write it on me. And that she knew she could write about my quirks and make it amusing.

I was so proud and pleased when I read it! So I begged and pleaded to let me publish it here because I liked it so much. :) She didn't want me to because it was so quickly tossed off and she likes her "seen" poetry to be much more artistic and less off the cuff. But I got her special permission.

Blonde moments are not for just the young
As my dear mum shows with thick tongue.
Sometimes a good laugh quickly ensues
Our hearts filling with songs of this quite different tune.
Some call her a wit, a fun one and sweet
While her running to nowhere keeps her wildly upbeat.
She's a classy dresser - her gift card's worn out.
A small button woman, she's short but not stout.
Filled with more school spirit than her daughter ever will
Doesn't force the concept, only drinks her fill.
A hardworking mother, she's the greatest I am sure,
Her only fight is with cancer for we know there's a cure.
She loves a good pen, there's no better writer
A novel a November is her mission and it never sneaks by her.
Although she's not much for cooking she makes a mean frozen pizza.
She's cultured and wise without having seen the Mona Lisa.
Not one for religion she found her place in meditation,
She liked the reverence and bells and they became a fixation.
Now she's working hard and helping me move on in school
But to her this is fun and to learn is a rule.
She's hesitant and shy, but willing and able to cope,
Favorite motto boldly declaring "There is always hope!"
My mother's a keeper, I know this for a fact,
But maybe it's my good record that keeps her pleasantly lax.
She's short and she's pleasant while a little over-zealous,
But ladies and gents, she's my mum, you'll have to be jealous.

I love it that she thought to throw NaNoWriMo in, but I think line 15 is the classic part of the piece... ;) Though the whole last "chapter" of four lines (very accurate, dear) brought me to tears. Thanks, jelly-bean! I love you, too!

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 491.75
Still to go for goal: 8.25

Playing in my head: serious frustration I've spent hours trying to update Keli's gen 3 iPod today to no avail. Every time iTunes freezes and the iPod gets only a portion of the data. She's going to be stuck with very little music with an 8 hour bus ride this weekend. grrrrr :(

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