Photo Tuesday...

As I said yesterday, I'd get some photos posted once I got some computer time, so here you go. Head to Flickr for the vast majority of them, but here are a couple of highlights. :) Congratulations, Wildcats!

Here they are just finishing up the little dance number at the beginning of the show, added since the last competition. It went along with the music so great!
New dance number

This is the brass quintet with Keli's melaphone piece. She's on the right, there...
Brass Quintet

Here you can see the guard and some members of the percussion participating in a special dance/movement and at key points in the music they do a side to side motion and swing open water bottles over their heads cascading streams of water... the stadium lights pick this up and it makes such a great effect. The crowds have loved it and it has been a big surprise in every show so far.
Water surprise shot 1

Here is a nice shot of the colorful guard near the end of the show - right after the big water surprise...
Crisp Guard shot

And finally, here they are closing in on that final formation...
nearing final formation

Today's miles: 2 (Yeah, I'm savoring those last few to the finish line. heh)
Total so far: 487.75
Still to go for goal: 12.25

Playing in my head: Bridge Over Troubled Water as performed by Johnny Cash

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