Moose abuse?

In the never-ending quest to satisfy my moose-lust (?) and stop me from moose-napping the quite adorable moose/reindeer (what is it?) from the lonely bench from which it is banished in my parents' home, Anonymous and Mrs. Anonymous (The Anonymooses?) acquired for me one canned moose. Not a misprint.

I had several misgivings about opening this can. Would I find it filled with moose droppings? Sure, the can said "one fuzzy moose" but who knew what it would really contain? I was filled with fear as I turned the handle of the can opener. But my fear turned to sadness when I saw the squashed fuzzy butt staring up at me and had to tug and pull to release the extremely wedged-in critter from his air-locked aluminum hell. He was unrecognizable as a moose as he emerged from the metal cocoon. Keli gasped and made a booboo-lip face when she first saw his crumpled little body.

Free the mooses!

We feel this overwhelming need now to buy up all the canned moose we can find and release each and every one of them. But that would only cause an increase in the whole chain of supply and demand, causing the manufacturers to can that many more. Then they'd probably think about all of the other critters they could can. *sigh* It's a never-ending nasty cycle, I'm sure. But truly an ugly case of moose abuse.

And just to set the record straight here, because people seem to be really concerned and confused, I do not in any way, shape or form, believe this moose to be ugly, unsightly, or any other "u" words. I just feel really bad that some company is trapping them in cans to sell them and profit from them. I say again, FREE THE MOOSES!

Today's miles: 2 so far
Total so far: 470.75
Still to go for goal: 29.25

Playing in my head: thwap thwap of the vertical blinds in the breeze

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